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    The rise of narcissism?

    created by Nelikya 656 days 8 hours 15 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    The rise of narcissism?

    Hey Cnet...
    I was listening to a talk about this earlier and it's been on my mind a lot recently.

    We are growing up in an age where we are taught to concentrate on our individuality and the 'love yourself' mentality. The likelihood is that we all (myself included) have at least one social media page that is dedicated to ourselves. We try to show that we are more physically fit, more fashionable, prettier, or more motivated by uploading selfies (Facebook/Instagram) and recording all the cool moments of our lives (ex Snapchat). We're now known as "lovers of ourselves".

    In fact, sociologists agree that we're more narcissistic than any generation before us, and call us the "Me Generation": Apparently we're known to be self-entitled and arrogant.

    Do you believe that our culture is too narcissistic or are they wrong? Is narcism all bad or can it be a good thing?

    Looking forward to some good opinions.

    Re: The rise of narcissism?

    Hey Regina!

    I think our culture isn't necessarily too narcissistic, but we are really open-minded about things, sometimes too open-minded, in my opinion, that it may come off as narcissism. Yes, a lot of kids have that "world revolves around me" sort of mentality, and it might be due to all of the convenience we have nowadays. You can literally do anything from your phone. There's a smaller sense of accomplishment because you don't have to put in much effort for some things anymore.

    - Kyle

    Re: The rise of narcissism?

    This topic is really interesting because the most interesting people I've met don't invest a lot into their social media. I think they are also the most happiest and productive.

    I actually like social media, especially instagram because it gives me an update of cool places to visit and things to eat. There's a lot of food and cool artists to follow. Because I don't want to perpetuate the theme that my life is going to well or that I'm better than everyone (when truly I'm not), I always post the most unflattering photo of me or I tend to post photos of my friends that make me happy. I think it's so funny, but I worry that my future husband may not ride the same humor as me.

    Whether our generation is more narcissist, I'm not really sure. I want to do more research on it, but I do think that this generation has more self-awareness and more opportunities to pursue things of their interest. This is also the generation where there's an ocean filled of videos titled, "You know you're a Capricorn when" or "You know you're an introvert when" etc, etc. It's entertaining to be grouped into things, to learn about yourself, but to also seek individuality.

    Re: The rise of narcissism?

    Hi everyone,

    I totally agree that this new generation is raising narcissistic egomaniac men and women. People are so into themselves these days to the point that they must always post a picture of the new shoes they bought, the new car that their driving and they also have the audacity to show off how much whatever they are wearing actually cost. I am appalled at people's ways when I see them showing off their abs or torso simply because they are looking for attention to boost some more of their ego. They think that they are entitle to every opinion and could care less about hurting others feels. Yes this new generation is full of these sort of people , it is sad but true. I like the topic, have a great day.