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    Is spring arriving at your town?

    created by Tyraa 94 days 21 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Is spring arriving at your town?

    How's the weather in your town? Is spring arriving yet? Ct is still freezing cold and snow is still stuck to the ground, but on the bright side it's still day light out after 4:30!

    Re: Is spring arriving at your town?

    Hey, Tryaa!

    Spring isn't quite here yet in NC. But NC can have some really bipolar weather. A few days ago, it went from 80 degrees high to upp 40s low in one day. It's mostly been chilly but there's ups and down every few days. It's going to be 71 this weekend which id definitely a spring ish temperature and not too hot so I will enjoy it a lot!

    I hope it warms up for you soon!

    Re: Is spring arriving at your town?

    It is still pretty cold where I live in New Jersey. There is still snow on the ground. I can't wait for the spring. I really do not like the cold weather. Warmer weather makes me much happier and I'm able to cope with life in a better manner when it is warm.

    Re: Is spring arriving at your town?

    Hi Tyraa!

    It's not quite spring yet here in Wisconsin. It is warming up a bit but it is suppose to get cold again after this weekend. I can't wait for it to be spring again, though!


    Re: Is spring arriving at your town?

    Hi Tyraa,

    It's actually fluctuating here at Florida. One day, it's so warm that you wonder it's almost like summer. The next day it's so cold (contrastingly, come on we are talking about Florida, can't get too cold really :P)

    The extremes of climate is proving to be cumbersome. I guess this is due to my place being a little farther from the sea than other coastal areas.


    Re: Is spring arriving at your town?

    I can totally say yes it's just a couple weeks for it to comes and I totally can't wait. That's one of my favorite season.

    Re: Is spring arriving at your town?

    Hi everyone,

    Spring is not in my town yet , I live in New Jersey and we just had a snow storm last week, we still snow of the grow so no Spring is with us yet. Have a great day.