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    Talking on the phone

    created by TheCrimsonActuary 72 days 12 hours 43 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Talking on the phone

    Good day my fellow CNetters! Congrats to all who won this past election.

    I just now finished talking with my fiancee on the phone and it made me wonder.

    How many of you still talk over the phone? Do you like to call family or friends and just chat away for countless minutes? Or do you prefer to text to communicate?

    I only like talking with my close friends and loved ones over the phone. I could spend hours talking with my fiancee, but everybody else it is a rather quickly conversation.

    Re: Talking on the phone

    I love talking on the phone, I actually prefer it over texting. When you're on the phone conversations seem to be less dry and boring. I could talk on the phone for hours and hours, or I could simply have a one minute conversation with someone. I find phone conversations to be a lot better for communication. On the phone you can hear emotions and get a better feel for a persons personality, while texting can leave you with unclear and confusing thoughts. Communication is key in friendships and relationships, that's why I believe most conversations should be held talking over the phone.

    Re: Talking on the phone

    Hey, Crimson!

    I always prefer to text over calling someone over the phone. The only one I call first is my mother and I talk to her daily so there's no anxiousness or awkwardness over the phone like I'd have with someone I don't talk to regularly.

    Talking to new people I don't know over the phone is the worst! I hate when I have to call companies. I always try to email first if they respond quick enough. Once I'm on the phone, it's not so bad though. But I still hate it. lol

    My phone conversations are always pretty quick. I can't multitask while trying to listen to someone speak so I give the caller my full attention. But unless it's really important, I usually try to end the small talk after a while. I'm not big on conversating in the first place. I'm the quiet type unless I am around a person I'm comfortable with.

    Re: Talking on the phone


    Me personally, I hate talking on the phone. It is a lot of pressure to fill the silence. I just hate having the obligation to call someone. I would much rather text, and I text to communicate with my family and friends instead of calling them. It is way more convenient.

    – Joey

    Re: Talking on the phone

    I would prefer to text honestly. I do love talking to people, but sometimes it is just easier and more convenient to communicate via text. I do talk to certain people over the phone like my girlfriend, older family members, and if anyone calls me. It is just a certain aspect of life know-a-days that people prefer a speedier version of communication. Thanks for this question! I hope you have a great weekend!

    Re: Talking on the phone

    Hi everyone,

    I still talk on the phone simply because my family leave in Houston Texas and I live in New Jersey and the only way that I can communicate and check on them all the time is if I call them. I do call my mom and sister every single day simply because I love them. Have a great day/

    Re: Talking on the phone

    Hello TheCrimsonActuary and all,

    I talk with a handful of people on the phone (my mother, boyfriend, brother, and a few friends). but the conversations are usually not that long unless I'm speaking with my boyfriend, who I call just to bother lol. I could call him for a simple question and end up talking to him for an hour.

    In general, I prefer to text people because it's convenient and there is no pressure to keep up a conversation or stop what you're doing--you can just reply on your own time. Like KendraScholar, I am not a fan of having to talk to people on the phone. If they can tell me over a text or e-mail, I prefer they do that. I also absolutely hate when someone calls me while I'm driving because my music cuts off and it's distracting--especially if they keep calling.

    I guess part of it is that I am naturally an anxious person. Sometimes I have to call people on the phone for work and it kills me, so I work around it and e-mail them or maybe look on a website to see if I can find the information I need there. It doesn't sound too well when I'm nervous either--I start talking fast and stutter all over the place. Yea, it's not pretty, lol. I've gotten better, though!

    P.S. I had been wondering what an actuary was every time I saw your name and finally looked it up. I had a lightbulb "OH" moment.