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    created by Ratio 95 days 15 hours 49 minutes ago

    Category: World


    Hey everyone,

    Obviously we are all here because we need more money to pay for school or loans or other related things. So I have a pretty easy question for you: do you budget?

    I try to budget and it works most of the time, but there are a few times that I accidentally go over.

    I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks for reading.

    Re: Budgeting

    I do set up a budget for myself, granted I haven't budgeted every dollar, so I tend to have room to wiggle in certain areas, such as dining out and entertainment. I can keep to my budget on all things except for dining out, which I don't go too crazy but I do spend more than I should. Which only cuts into the total amount I am socking away for savings.

    Re: Budgeting

    Hey Ratio,

    We just started on a budget so we're learning what is going to work best for us still. They say the first 30 days is just trying to get adjusted to the budget. The second 30 days you are starting to tighten up on the budget and getting closer to figuring out how it should work each month. The last 30 days, you should have a pretty good idea on what your budget should be and a better idea of where your money is being spent. So far, we have done pretty well by limiting how much we go out to eat, and how much we are spending at the grocery store. I know that sometimes we go out to eat because it's generally easier to do sometimes than making dinner every single night. Our problem is that we like to do this a lot when we are feeling stressed or in a time crunch and we don't want to make dinner. It can definitely get expensive eating out all the time! You might try the EveryDollar budget tool if you're wanting to track where everything goes. I really like it so far because I'm able to watch how much I'm spending on what categories and where I can move money around as we need to. It also is really nice because it can track how much you have in savings and what you have for debts. So far for us budgeting is working, but I'm curious to see what will happen in a few months.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Budgeting

    Hey, Ratio!

    I LOVE to budget!

    Rarely can I just spend willy nilly without a concious plan or budget in my head. I like to know what I need to plan or buy in the future than divide my money up so that I don't overspend on any thing.

    I am currently planning to move out and I am budgetting a lot. There's a lot of fees that I didn't encorporate so that takes away a lot of money that I had plans for other things like some furniture. But i'm glad I know now and not too late then I end up with an empty apartment! I'm even considering getting some free or cheap furniture off of craigslist. There's some really nice tables and desk there that people give away cheap because they are moving and cant bring it along. This is a great idea for me because when I move again I wont feel bad about leaving heavy furniture behind that I got for cheap or free.

    So yeah, planning and budgetting like that is really enjoyable to me! The only thing I hate is running out of money if it ever comes to that.

    Re: Budgeting

    I do budget my money. I know not to spend over a certain amount. I basically know not to spend more than I make... which is say that one should always live within their means. If you live above your means, you will for sure fall into debt. Budgeting can be that simple! Save any penny you can.... every little bit adds up...and fast if you are persistent!

    Have a great weekend!!