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    Losing things in the laundry

    created by HoangryKH 95 days 2 hours 6 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Losing things in the laundry

    I got a huge packs of socks for Christmas, and now I'm literally down to a couple of pairs. Where does all of my laundry go?!?!

    I do my own laundry, and sometimes I forget to take it out of the dryer, so my parents usually take it out and leave it on my bed for me. But then when I get home from school, I find that I'm always missing a sock whenever they take it out of the dryer. I also have no idea where these socks are going to and it baffles me.

    What about you guys?

    Do you lose something often when you're doing laundry?

    - Kyle

    Re: Losing things in the laundry

    Since your talking about socks here's Something I have pondered.. Just how many different kind of white socks are there? I mean really can they all just make the same kind? It would make life easier if we didn't have so many choices. This is why people just basically gave up trying to mate socks. With the dryer eating one sock in every load and the 3000 different kind of white sock no wonder nobody wears matching socks anymore. #nomate #mismatch

    Re: Losing things in the laundry

    Hey Kyle and all!

    I share a house with several adults and we share the laundry room, too. Most of the people here are honest and if they find an extra sock in their laundry from the previous person's load of laundry they put it back in the laundry room. I, too, have had multiple missing socks and it's always your favorite pair, too! I gave up on decorative socks and now just buy plain color socks. LOL! I wear only black color socks in the winter (anklet style) and white socks in the summer. That way when I lose one I still have a choice of matched socks to wear. They are all the same! Yes, my lost laundry got so bad that it came to this demise. I did not have matched socks anywhere! LOL!

    Sometimes socks get caught up in the corner of the fitted sheets or cling to some other clothing. They should turn up eventually, but I just did not have the patience for this waiting to find a sock! Sometimes other people in my house held onto the found sock for a while, forgetting to put it back into the laundry room.

    I don't mind my white or black socks seasonal change. At least now I have matched socks on every day.


    Re: Losing things in the laundry


    As a person who does some light maintenance on normal household things, I have found out that the washer may also eat a sock. Washers have a filter in them to prevent large debris from clogging up the water lines and drainage line. If you have a new washer, it is most likely in the front at the bottom. Open it up and clean it out and you might find a sock. Even if you don't find one you lengthened the life of your washer.

    Re: Losing things in the laundry

    I always find those lost socks stuck in a shirt sleeve or pant leg, not sure how it happens so often though. And usually it would be a couple of days before I might wear the shirt with the missing sock, so it's like a huge feeling of relief because it prolongs me from having to buy a new pack of socks.

    I don't really lose much in the laundry, though I notice some t-shirts these days don't hold up as well when washed and dried a few times. So you could say that I lose quality in the laundry.

    Re: Losing things in the laundry

    hi hi!

    I have the same issue with socks. As time goes, I keep on loosing them one by one while doing laundry. They never disappear in the washing machine, they only disappear in the dryer. I mean nothing else goes missing, like a shirt or a pair of jeans - only socks. Do they melt or something? There should be a science research going on, so someone can get down to the bottom of this mystery!

    Talk later!

    Re: Losing things in the laundry


    I seem to have the same problem! My socks just always get less and less. I'm really not sure why.

    When I lived in the dorms it made sense. I thought people might take stuff and I'm sure I've dropped something walking to my room. Now in my apartment, I still don't know. I don't understand why I'm still losing socks. The washing machine must just eat them!