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    Saver or Spender?

    created by alexclevy 95 days 6 hours 26 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Saver or Spender?

    Hey guys!

    So I'm sitting at work listening to one of my favorite radio shows again, and it got me thinking about the different types of people out there! I consider myself to be a saver as I don't always like to go and spend money, especially if I don't think I'll have enough to cover everything that I want to buy. Some of my family members though are the complete opposite and like to spend all the money they get without really thinking about it much. It scares me even just thinking about doing that! I like to save money for pretty much everything from school to getting new flooring in my house. I just want to make sure I at least have most, if not all of the funds saved instead of trying to get a loan out for everything.

    So guys, do you like to save your money or do you buy things as soon as you get the money? I have definitely been both types in my life, but I have turned into quite the saver!

    Have a great day!

    Re: Saver or Spender?

    Hi Alexclevy and all!

    I think I am a nice blend of both a saver and a spender. I save money consistently every month and I also enjoy going shopping, but I never go overboard on things. I look for sales of what I need.

    For instance, today I went shopping for new anklet socks (in the winter I only wear black color socks) and found a deal of a cushiony brand that cost $8 if you bought the women's brand and $6 if you bought the boys brand. They were the exact same socks, by the exact same company and the boys package came with ten in the bag for $2 less than the women's that came with six in the package and this package was $2 more in cost! You know I bought the boys socks!! Socks are socks. They are unisex. Who will know that I bought boys socks instead of women's? No one! None of you can tell on me! LOL!

    I use good sense when shopping. I think I am doing well.


    Re: Saver or Spender?

    Hi all! I think there's got to be a healthy mix between the two. If you only save and come across as cheap, although admirable it sometimes puts people off. And on the other hand, if you spend money as fast as you get it, others will think you may be impulsive, frivolous, careless, but also carefree and fun. How you spend your money is a small reflection as to the type of person you are. For myself, I save what needs to be saved and have fun with what I have leftover. Of course, if I am planning something big like a trip to Mexico in the summer, I know ahead of time where the money is coming from and have budgeted for that trip and once there, I stay within that budget. And even though I allow myself to have "fun" with the funds leftover from savings, I'm still cost conscious and focus on the things I've already thought about rather than just spending money to spend it on randomness and am always going to keep an eye out for the best deals.

    Re: Saver or Spender?


    I say I'm a saver, but I'm definitely more of a spender. I always think to myself "Oh it's just $5," but then that $5 slowly adds up and it reaches 10... then 20... then 30... then my bank account reaches 0. I'm always so shocked at how much I spend when I check my bank account.

    When I spend money though, it's always on food. So I guess I'm not necessarily "wasting" my money on anything. I don't really spend it on video games, clothes, concerts, or whatever people spend their money on these days!

    - Kyle

    Re: Saver or Spender?

    Hey Alex!

    I guess it depends on what my goals are. When I first purchased a car, I wouldn't spend that much money, maybe $10 or $20 of my paycheck. I was really able to save up when I did this which made getting the car much quicker.

    After getting my car, I didn't have anything specific I was saving for so I'd spend maybe 50% or more of my paycheck and not bother to save anything. Most recently, however, my car was totaled and I now need to save up to buy a new one. Now that I'm saving, I've reverted back to only spending a little bit of my paycheck.

    So I guess if I have something I'm saving for that I really want, then I'll save as much as I can. If not then I don't have an issue blowing my paycheck!

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Saver or Spender?

    Hey, Alex!

    A little of both. I don't spontaneously spend my money at all. I'd highly regret if I did. But I usually budget and plan ahead of any money I'm about to get. That means as soon as I get the money, it's off to pay a bill or get whatever I had plans for.

    If I have leftover money, I sit on it until it comes a time I really need to use it. It's funny how when I'm broke, I want all the things but when I have money, nothing seems worth spending the money for! lol

    Have a good night.

    Re: Saver or Spender?


    I am definitely a saver. I do not like to spend money on things I know are unnecessary or things I know I can get somewhere else for cheaper.

    Of course every once in a while you have to treat yourself but I feel much more comfortable saving my money. Luckily in high school I saved all my babysitting money which gave me a good basis in college and is the reason I don't have to work AS much.


    Re: Saver or Spender?

    hi hi!

    At this moment in my life I'm neither haha. I'm a bill payer. I don't make enough money to save or spend, but when I did made good money before, I enjoyed it. I like to spend the money that I work for.

    Talk later!

    Re: Saver or Spender?

    I am a huge saver when it comes to my money. I don't do it on purpose it just happens. I honestly like saving up
    Have a great day everyone!

    Re: Saver or Spender?

    Hey there Alex!

    I used to be a mix of the two, save a little money then spend some when I felt the need to "treat" myself/shop. The rest of my money, I'll usually pocket it or save it in an emergency fund. That almost feels like a fairytale now since I no longer manage my money that way anymore. Now I'm a solid billpayer/saver. I'll pay my bills immediately coming the second I get paid, whatever is remaining I'll budget essentials (gas, groceries, pet food) then leave out $30 for coffee (Americano4life) then the rest I will savesavesavesave. The money that I have saved, when it hits a certain amount I'll dump it into a loan or something that I owe. I miss buying things that I used to enjoy buying, clothes and art stuff, but whenever I do now I have immediate buyers remorse the second I leave. Oh well.


    Re: Saver or Spender?

    Hi Alex,

    I am definitely a saver. I do like being able to spend money, but because of school and insurance I have to live the life of a saver right now. I generally like to live as a saver anyway, but I like the feeling of comfort knowing that I am able to buy something without worrying about going broke.

    Re: Saver or Spender?

    During this phase of my life, I'm a saver because I've been stressed out with unexpected things happening so I've just developed a habit to consider my future self more. For instance, if I currently do not like my line of work but didn't save enough money, then I wouldn't have the capacity to quit my job. Having the extra money cushion will allow me to dedicate the next few months to job hunting and soul searching. This goes the same for health and the unexpected trip all your friends are planning.