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    What do you wear to go out in the cold Winter?

    created by futureteacher1996 99 days 3 hours 16 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What do you wear to go out in the cold Winter?

    Hey guys!

    What layers do you wear to bare the cold? A jacket? More than one jacket? Hat? Gloves?

    I was thinking about this because today I went outside with not nearly enough layers. It is not too cold in Baltimore. 45 degrees today but I am wearing capri leggings and one 3/4 zip up. It is windy out there and my walk to class was miserable!


    Re: What do you wear to go out in the cold Winter?

    Hey Jessica and all!

    My area is cold and the wind is even colder. We are close to Lake Michigan and windy Chicago, too. I dress up like Nanook of the North! LOL! If I don't I get very sick. That is not good.

    I wear full length clothes (no shorts or short sleeves), usually sweater tops these days - one layer is good; a fleece lined beanie style hat, a Columbia winter jacket that goes just about to my knees and mittens. The collar on my coat covers my neck and a hood is there, too, so I don't wear a scarf. My neck is covered enough. If the sun is out I also wear sunglasses.

    I cannot stand to be cold, so I bundle up well. A lot of people here do. There is one guy I have seen who wears shorts and a tank top, no jacket, hat or anything else every single day! I don't know how he does this, but he must love cold weather. Not a complaint about this cold out of him. People gasp when he gets onto the bus each day. I could not do that. Brrrrr!


    Re: What do you wear to go out in the cold Winter?

    Hi there Jessica! :)

    I live in California so my cold is definitely different than your cold! I am a huge baby though so I get cold really easily and will probably exclaim "Ah it's so cold" forty times because I am a Captain Obvious.
    Anyways, if it's considered to be cold here for us Californians I often wear a pair of jeans with a tank top, a long sleeve and my thickest coat which is lined with sherpa! If it's super cold I will also wear gloves because my hands get dry really quickly. I usually don't wear a scarf but my mom always get mad at me if I don't exclaiming it's bad to leave my "neck hole" open so I always feel guilty when I'm leaving my apartment without a scarf and will always run back in to put one on.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Much love,

    Re: What do you wear to go out in the cold Winter?

    For a jacket, I wear the fur of the bear I fought and killed the day I turned 7 years of age. For gloves, I wear the very gloves Winston Churchill wore when he smoked his first cigar, (don't ask how I obtained those). For a hat and scarf, I use the length of my beard to cover the entirety of my face including my neck. And for boots I use Uggs that I bought from JC Penny.

    Re: What do you wear to go out in the cold Winter?

    Hey Jessica,

    Usually I'll wear a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, and coat with pants, and tennis shoes when it's cold. It gets pretty cold here in South Dakota, and it's windy almost all the time. If it gets really cold out, I might wear a pair of fleece lined leggings underneath my jeans for an extra layer! I have a coat that I really like to wear that my mom got me, so that's usually what I'll grab if it's cold. Now, it's like 45 degrees outside, I might throw a sweatshirt on and a pair of jeans, but nothing more than that or I get too hot. It's sort of weird how different areas of the world get you used to different temperatures and some temps feel cooler to others!

    Have a great day!

    Re: What do you wear to go out in the cold Winter?

    I'm anemic so I definitely bundle up to the fullest, as in bubble coat, gloves, scarf, maybe even a hat! I also wear long sleeve and leg warmers (under baggy pants or sweat pants). I'll usually be comfy and slightly warm through out the day unless it's snowing.
    Have a good night!
    - Tyra