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    Waiting you go on your phone?

    created by ElisaCutiePie 73 days 4 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Waiting you go on your phone?

    Hello everyone! :)
    I’ve noticed in this day and age that whenever anyone is waiting in line or in a waiting room conversation stops and everyone goes on their phone to pass the time. I too am unfortunately guilty of this. I even notice this when families are out at a restaurant. The parents are on their phone and the kids sometimes have a tablet handy.

    So my question for today is, what do you do when you’re waiting in line or sitting in a waiting room? Have you also noticed people tend to go more on their phone and have less conversation? What do you think of this?

    I am guilty of going on my phone when I’m waiting in line or sitting in a waiting room when I’m by myself. If I’m waiting with my friends or family though I do make conversation with them, especially if it’s with friends. But if I’m sitting in a waiting room with my dad we both tend to go on our phones. I tend to check my Instagram feed and snapchat and he goes to check his email. I usually never make contact with any strangers.

    I do wish there was more conversation going on in waiting rooms and lines though. I actually wish it wasn’t considered weird or unusual for me to ignite a conversation with strangers I’m sitting with in the waiting room. I mean it's a room filled with people of different backgrounds...different life experiences and stories. I think it'd be really interesting if we all tried having a conversation with each other rather than go on our phones. I have tried several times before to start a conversation, but it was always very one-sided and the conversation died down. I do understand though because some people just like to sit in peace and wait. Especially if it’s in a doctor’s waiting room I can imagine people might be stressed and just want some quiet.

    Looking forward to your responses!

    Much love,

    Re: Waiting you go on your phone?

    Hi Elisa!

    I like going on my phone when I'm usually standing up and in line for things. In waiting rooms, yes I like to talk to people. I'd probably already finished looking through my instagram and snapchat feeds during my commute, so I naturally like to engage with people. I can often tell by their body language if they prefer to be left alone, and I go by that.

    Re: Waiting you go on your phone?

    Hey Elisa!

    It's funny that I saw this question because I'm currently in a waiting room at a doctor's office!! They told me that I would be a really long wait so I decided to spend that time on collegenet, instead of wasting my time haha!

    I find waiting rooms to be really awkward. Currently there are 7-8 other people sitting around me and we are all just trying to avoid eye contact. Sometimes I swear the lady across the room is staring at me, but every time I look up, she pretends she's not looking. I just dislike the awkward silence. 0_0

    My mom would say "back in the day people were a lot friendlier." She would be the person to talk the person next to her and ask about their life and jobs and family.
    I think society and our expectations of others have changed drastically. People these days don't seem willing to engage in wasting time on strangers. It's kind of sad actually.

    So yes. I'm in a waiting room. I'm not making eye contact. I'm on my phone because it's less awkward. I'm what's wrong with America right now haha.

    Warm Regards :)

    Re: Waiting you go on your phone?

    Hi Elisa!

    I too am guilty of going on my phone in a waiting room. As Regina said, the room is always so silent and awkward, and I hate starting small talk with strangers. Just like when I'm in an elevator, I almost never speak. Haha. If I'm not on my phone, I am just reading one of the boring magazines from 2012 in my the waiting room to pass time.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Waiting you go on your phone?

    Yes, I am guilty of using my phone in a waiting room. Sometimes it is just easier to not communicate with others and just interact with my phone. It is certainly a source of comfort and helps ease anxiety of social situations. People kind of expect others to be engaged with their phones know a days. It is ingrained in our culture. It is kind of sad that people do not know how to talk to one another. We are probably missing out on getting to know some great people.

    Thank you for this great question! Have a wonderful day!!!!

    Re: Waiting you go on your phone?

    Hi Elisa,

    Yes, I find myself pulling out my phone to avoid the awkward silence and it is also my only chance to play Panda Pop. haha, yes, I'm a dork. Also, it depends on the setting. I try to look for someone to start a conversation with, but like you said sometimes it feels like it is a bit one sided.

    Although, more interaction with people and less phone time is something that is needed, but I am so thankful for technology. My sister lives a couple hours away, so it is nice to Facetime or text my niece and nephew and talk about their day.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Waiting you go on your phone?


    I am for sure guilty of going on my phone whenever I am just standing or sitting around. I definitely do when I am in the waiting room of an office and for sure when I am in line at the grocery store or any other store! I even am on my phone when walking to class.

    It is weird, it's like an instinct to want to look at your phone. No one wants to have conversation with people they don't know and no one wants to make awkward eye contact so they are always just on their phones!


    Re: Waiting you go on your phone?

    Hey Elisa,

    I do know what you mean, whenever I am out in public, people always have their faces in their phones and rarely make small talk or have interaction with others. I kind of like it that way, who needs Smalltalk anyways? Whenever I am waiting, I usually listen to music or my audiobooks on my phone.

    – Joey

    Re: Waiting you go on your phone?

    hi hi!

    This cell phone addiction is really a problem. There is usually nothing useful people do when they have their faces in the screen. Sometimes I wonder how young people are even capable of holding a relationship for a long time... They spend more time looking at their phones than at their loved one.
    I barely take my phone to waiting rooms or when I go shopping. What would I do on my phone? I mean I'm totally fine standing in line and not feeling lost without scrolling through bs on the phone.

    Talk later!

    Re: Waiting you go on your phone?

    Hello ElisaCutiePie,

    Congrats on your win yesterday!

    I also go on my phone when I'm in the waiting room. This is usually because I go to the doctor and everything else by myself. I guess that's why I don't think much of it. I have been handling my appointments since I was around 18 and I don't have any children, so I don't usually wait with anyone.

    As for speaking with strangers... O.O.... that is completely nerve-wrecking for me, depending on my mood. Sometimes I'll be talkative and can easily strike up conversations with those around me, but I usually don't do that in waiting rooms, nor have I thought much about it. Everyone is usually there with someone else or is busy tending to their children.

    I actually am the opposite of you. I try to avoid conversation at the doctor's office/waiting room. I usually go after a long day of work so I am never really in the mood to chat about anything.

    I do agree that we should make an effort to talk to our family and friends more when hanging out though. I try not to take pictures, go on Facebook, or check my email when I'm with friends or family. I think I do a good job of staying off my phone and would like others to make the same effort. Not only is it rude, but it show lack of interest.

    Hope everyone's day is going well :)


    Re: Waiting you go on your phone?

    I do go on my phone! Maybe play games or even act like I'm doing something important so I don't seem awkward..
    Thanks for a good question!
    - Tyra