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    Paper books or E-books?

    created by NishMish 98 days 11 hours 40 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Paper books or E-books?

    Hello Cnet family,

    My question for today for you all is that I, personally am a fan of reading paper books, while a lot of my friends love E-books. Some like it because they had it in school and it's easier to continue that read, while others like it because it is handy, efficient and compact. I like the feel of the book and also, maybe because I am so accustomed to it.

    Let me know what do you all prefer, paper books or E-books?


    Re: Paper books or E-books?

    Hi Nish,

    It depends. If I want to take notes from it, I need the paper book because for memory purposes, I like to associate the information or quote to the bookmark location. For instance, if I want to remember X and Y, I want to estimate where in the book it was mentioned and try to remember what was written around it. It's kind of hard to do that with an E-book because it goes per page; it seems like everything is flattened together.

    I like E-books for recreational reading and it's really light weight.

    Re: Paper books or E-books?

    Hey Nish,

    I agree with yamona and you too, it depends. Like when on travel and you can't carry much, e-books are my go to option. But otherwise, I love the hard copies. The smell of a new book is just like the best thing in the world, with a faint touch of coffee from the background(Gosh, try reading a novel at Starbucks).

    Now for an utterly unscientific, sweeping generalization: books are the absolute best-smelling thing in the world, because books appeal to explicit and implicit memory. Books always remind people of wonderful moments they’ve experienced, and they make people feel inexplicably, emotionally good. I’ve had friends tell me the smell of books makes them feel calm and safe, as if they’re in a sanctuary, because they’re reminded of their school library. Other people say the smell of books fills them with anticipation, because they’re reminded of the stories they eagerly awaited as children. I’ve heard the smell of books is comforting because it reminds people of being warm, curled up, and relaxed. I’ve even heard the smell of books is liberating, because it harks back to moments of free, uninterrupted, leisure time.

    The reason for that is our association in the brain for smells similar in nature. The smell of books might actually remind you of things. The olfactory bulb is part of the brain’s limbic system, which is associated with memories and feelings. When you first smell a new scent, your brain links the smell with an event, a person, a thing, or a moment. When you smell the same scent again, your brain conjures up the linked memory. It may not always be an explicit memory, it could just be an emotion or a feeling.

    Another reason and the most important one according to me why I prefer books than e-books is that though there might be nice low straining reading options like Kindle, books are best for the eye as they don't involve any bright light radiation or strain to the eyes and you won't get easily tired after reading a book for as long as staring at your screen.


    Re: Paper books or E-books?

    hi hi!

    Paper books only! The only time I have read E-book was when I was n college, and only because there was no other option. I would never read an E-book on my own. I love going to the library or book store and spending hours, flipping through books, smelling them (yes I'm weird like that).

    Talk later!

    Re: Paper books or E-books?

    Hey NishMish!

    I definitely prefer a book to an e-book any day! Books don't run out of battery and there is no glare on the screen if you want to read outside. In general, I think e-books are less personal. They don't have that new book smell and there are no pages to write on. It's so irritating to highlight or leave notes on an e-book! I also like to shop for my books in thrift stores and let other people borrow/have them. You can't do that with an e-book. It's not the same. Also, I love how books look on a shelf. My goal is to have my personal library when my SO and I move in together (soon!).

    I terms of school, I have to say I also prefer the physical book. You can carry it around and not have to worry about bringing a charger or finding a port if your laptop runs out of battery. In the past, I used an online version and found myself to not be as engaged. I think the screen is what kills it for me. I can't see my progress or how much is left and it strains my eyes--I already stare at enough screens. There's also the fact that I like to sell my textbooks when I'm finished with them. I don't think you can do that with an e-book.

    Have a nice day!


    Re: Paper books or E-books?

    Hey Nish!

    I looove paper books! I've never gotten used to reading from a screen for hours on end. Maybe I just don't feel like I can connect to a brand new world when it's on a screen.

    I also love the feeling of a book. The heavy weight in your hand while reading, the smell of the pages, the sound of turning to the next page.There's just something really satisfying about really holding and experiencing the book I'm reading.

    Thanks for the question!


    Re: Paper books or E-books?

    Hey NishMish,
    I like paper books. I do not know why but I understand better while I am reading paper books. It may be true that e-books are cheap and easier to carry on any device but it is not that efficient as reading a paper book for me. While using e-books, I am tempted to do other things on those devices which makes me distracted easily.
    So, I like paper books.

    Re: Paper books or E-books?

    I prefer paper books as well! I think this is more of a preference I have become accustomed to from reading books at home and in school. This can also possibly be atoned to the fact that often times staring at the screen of an E-book device can hurt my eyes after a while. All around I just find paper books more favorable and accessible!

    Re: Paper books or E-books?

    I like paper books 100x better than e-books, I'm on my phone or computer all day long and after awhile my eyes get tired of the light (they sometimes even burn). I'd rather read actual books, plus I love the smell of books - fresh or old pages doesn't matter.