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    Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?

    created by Hbee 107 days 1 hour 47 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

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    Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?

    Hey all of you,

    It's always been that I like Facebook more than Twitter mainly because it gives more focus on your friend circle and less on celebrities. Celebrities also use Facebook with verified official accounts but Twitter seems to be the preferred medium.

    I like Facebook also because there is no character limit, and many other features like personalized photo and video album sharing settings.

    So what is it for you? Are you more interested in your friends' social life or in that of celebrities? Or do you not use both and prefer another?


    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?

    Hey, Hbee!

    I use both. Facebook for friends and twitter for celebrities, social media personalities, YouTubers, and tv show accounts.

    I'm on facebook a lot but only because there seems to be so much more to read/watch on there. Most of the things posted by my friends on facebook are shared pictures/links/videos from other sources so it's not even that often that I'm reading about their life updates these days.

    I find twitter more tailored to my interest since I choose who I find interesting enough to follow.

    Congrats on the win this week and good luck next week!

    Glitches in the site? Edit option? Winners list?

    Hey all,

    I was just wondering if you all had noticed if there are any glitches in the CNET website or is it just some functionality that is restricted to my account. Can you edit a forum after initial creation and just before you click on 'Create my forum'? I can't use that functionality from quite some time actually.

    It's lovely to know that you get time for both. I personally have to even cut down using Facebook. It's true how Facebook has so much stuff to read and watch and can also be from outside. By the way, thank you for the wishes and that brings me to my next point, I actually don't know if I have won. The winners' list just shows 5 winners. Is it some glitch or does it usually take this long to get updated and happens so in parts?


    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?


    I prefer Twitter over Facebook. I like the layout and feed of Twitter better. I follow friends and family and celebrities! My favorite social media is actually Instagram though! I like the layout and ease of it! Plus it's a fun way to share pictures.


    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?


    I also like Facebook a lot. I like seeing articles people share and what my family is up to. People express their opinions a lot more on Facebook than on Twitter. I feel like Twitter is more of people just posting random stuff they think is funny.

    I do not follow celebrities on Facebook but I do on Instagram. With the new update on Instagram where it pushes the pictures with the most likes and comments to the top I do not like it and I do not check it nearly as much. It used to have the pictures in the order they are posted but doing this means every celebrity and athlete I follow is pushed right to the top and I never actually see any of my friends posts.


    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?

    I mean I use both twitter and Facebook but for friends cause what's the point of following celebrities.

    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?

    Hey Hbee,
    I use only Facebook. Mostly I follow my friends posts on Facebook. The reason why I do not use Twitter is because my account had been hacked about three times. Due to security reasons I prefer not using twitter.

    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?

    Hello HBee!

    Congrats on your win :)

    Also, I have not had any glitches with CNet such as the ones your describing. I recently had to go back and edit a post before I hit "Create," and I didn't have any problems with it. The most prominent glitch I experience is when the text box freezes and I have to wait until it passes to continue writing. I hope it's not too bad!

    I don't have a personal Twitter account, but I had to make one for work. From the time I've spent on it at work, I can say that I'm not a big Twitter fan. I think it seems more impersonal than Facebook. I am also not a big social media fan and try not to be on it too much. I think there's just more you can do with Facebook than Twitter. I'm not going to be making a personal Twitter account any time soon.

    I hope you're all having a nice day! It's certainly beautiful today in Cali.


    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?

    Hi everyone,

    Even thou I stop using either one of these apps I like Facebook better because I am able to actually send out messages and communicate with the person privately. Twitter is too open for me. Have a great day.

    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?


    I use both Twitter and Facebook. I like twitter better however, because it is more versatile. For instance, one cannot play hashtag games on Facebook. I always get my news on twitter too, by seeing what is trending. In addition, twitter is more up-to-date. I followed both my friends and celebrities on twitter. People are more likely to update their twitter more often than their Facebook. I find twitter to be a better way to connect with people, even celebrities. In fact the other day David Caruso from CSI: Miami followed me on twitter.

    There are a lot of reasons why do not like Facebook. I do not like getting game requests, I do not like getting poked, and I certainly do not like seeing all of these political posts. Twitter is just much better than Facebook...

    – Joey

    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?


    I only use Facebook. I got an account mainly so that I could stay in touch with my friends. Many of my friends use facebook as a way to organize events or create groups. Twitter definitely seems like the celebrity medium. I tend to only hear about twitter in the news usually because a celebrity made a very prominent post on there. I'm sure if I used twitter then I would see the benefits of how it keeps you in contact with friends. I've never really used social media to see what are celebrities are doing though.

    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?

    Hi there,
    I've never been on twitter but I do go on face book. So I'm not sure which one is better. I suppose i'll have to check twitter out.

    Have a great night!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Facebook or Twitter? More like CNet now! Thank you guys :)

    Thank you Kendra and Cynthia for the wishes. Thank you all for your replies and votes. I feel privileged to have such support and amicability!!

    The reason I think that CollegeNet is better in ways is that you don't reshare others posts or just funny memes and videos. Here is where you actually get a chance to say what you want to and people read and vote for it based on the merit of your thoughts and arguments (Structure and grammar of the language here compared to other social media. Oh please! Don't let me to even get started on that )


    Re: Facebook or Twitter?Follow friends or celebrities?

    Hey Hbee,

    I use Facebook. I don't even have a twitter account. As far as friends vs. celebrities i would choose friends because i don't really care about what is going on in celebrities lives.