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    Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

    created by rileymcc97 694 days 17 hours 14 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

    Hey, Everyone!

    My first day of this semester is today so I'm thinking about how my schedule will go! It made me wonder: do you prefer morning, afternoon, or night classes?

    I personally prefer morning/midday classes. If it gets too late in the day, I run out of energy and my brain doesn't want to work haha. Afternoon classes will put me to sleep! It's really hard to get through them. I haven't had any night classes, but this semester I have one from 7pm to 9pm. I imagine it won't be fun for me because that's the time that my brain turns off. However, the rest of my classes are in the morning and get out by 2pm. I think that's ideal. Although it may be hard to get up for my 8am class, it's still better for me because I know my brain will be on!

    What about you? Do you prefer morning, afternoon, or night classes? Why? What's your schedule like this semester?

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

    Hi, Riley.

    As a full day time employee, I prefer evening classes. Maybe prefer is the wrong word bc I don't really have a choice. The good thing about evening classes is that even the instructors are tired. They try to move things along as quickly as possible so that we don't actually have to stay there until 10pm. That's been my experience for most classes, but that Geology class last semester.. OMG!! That teacher would talk until about 10:15pm, and I would be so irritated. LET ME FREE!! Lol

    If I didn't work, I'd prefer morning classes, so that I could get them out of the way. I'm fresh and well-rested, so I can put up with a few hours of lecture before I decide I need a break. Plus, that gives me time to plan out my homework for that day. If I know about an assignment that's due soon, I know to get started on it that day, as opposed to waiting until a weekend, like I do now with evening classes. There's no way I'm coming home at 11pm and starting on an assignment! I've don't it before, but I suffered greatly at work that next day! All in all, morning classes are the best!

    Thanks for reading. Good luck this semester.


    Re: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

    Hey Riley,

    I actually don't have much choice actually. I'd have loved night classes actually or evening like Madonna as I'm a night owl basically. But then all I have now is morning and afternoon classes.

    But the good part is I'm content with them. Guess how?

    Well, they're all recorded on video, so I can watch them anytime I like actually :)

    Have a great time this semester.


    Re: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

    Hi Riley,

    I agree, I prefer morning classes. I like feeling like I have an entire day ahead of me after I'm done with school. Luckily, this semester I got a schedule with almost all morning classes. Being done by 2 not only gives me a lot of time after class for whatever, but also gets me up and ready to start the day early. Afternoon classes make me feel like the time before each class is just me preparing for that day's class.

    Have a fantastic day.


    Re: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?


    I'm with you on that one. I would much rather take morning classes over night classes. It is great this semester for me. I have my student teaching at 8 on tuesdays but that's my only early day. The rest of the days the earliest class I have is 10 which is perfect.

    I do have one night class from 5-8. Last semester I had night classes Monday through Thursday and it was awful. I even had one after I student taught and I was just drained for that class.


    Re: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

    Hello Riley and all,

    I am definitely a morning or afternoon class. I take the evenings to do my homework.

    Have a great day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

    Hi everyone,

    This semester I will be taking morning classes because my schedule must align with my children's schedule. I am more productive in the morning anyway for my brain is more alert. The afternoon or evening classes makes me feel sleepy. Have a wonderful day.

    Re: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

    Hi All
    I am like you .I prefer morning classes.Though its hard to get up early but once i am there and done with my classes I can plan my day

    Have a wonderful day


    Re: Morning, afternoon, or night classes?

    I prefer either morning or night classes, just because I rather clump up my schedule into a bulk so I can have free hours in a row to do other things like work and the like. I don't exactly mind morning classes because from my perspective a lot of students prefer later in the day classes, which means that there would be more parking space for me if I was to be one of the first early morning birds to arrive on the parking garage! XD Night classes are cool too though, since I would be rather quite awake to tackle on the contents of some terribly mindblowing classes I'm taking! But I guess whatever fits my schedule best I would go for it, morning or night ^^

    Have a good one!