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    Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    created by Allan Varghese 700 days 22 hours 4 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    Hey all,

    If you are given a choice to either write essays or sit for exams, what would you choose and why ?

    I would prefer essays if I have sometime to do my research. For some reason I don't like exams. It's mostly because of the anxiety I got to go through while preparing for the exam. I also feel who learn a lot when you are research for writing an essay.

    What about you ? Exam or essay ? why so ?

    Thanks for reading and commenting !!!

    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?


    If given the choice to take an exam or write an essay, I would happily write the essay. I also get test anxiety, so writing an essay alleviates that. In addition, I feel that when I write a research paper or an essay I retain a lot more information that I would just cramming for a test.

    My friends think I am crazy, but I much prefer writing essays. Luckily, in grad school that is pretty much all you do.

    Thanks for the forum. And thanks for reading.

    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    I think it really depends on the class for me. If I was in my math or science class, I would die if I have to do research and write an essay in place of an exam. In that case I feel like an exam which tests the general concepts of my science and math would be a whole lot easier XD. But for classes like history or sociology for example, writing an essay is definitely the better way out, just because I feel like there are lots of good topics and conversations to write about when it comes to these classes. Plus these class you would need to put a lot of time into thinking about them too, so writing an essay at home where you can take all the time you want would give better results than taking an exam under time constraint!

    Have a good one!

    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    Hey Allan,

    I would definitely prefer to write an essay over what I learned rather than take a test. I get test anxiety super bad so it would be nice to not have to go through that. The only problem with that is for classes like my math class because, well lets face it, proofs are basically short essay questions and they suck. Yes I would prefer an essay, but I think it would have to really depend on the class.

    I hope that you do well this semester though and don't get anxious over your tests! I definitely do and it's not fun, but I'm learning how to cope with it. Luckily I'm on the path to being finished so I shouldn't have very many tests left!

    Have a great day!

    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    Hey, Allan.

    It's a tough choice and really depends on the class but I would have to say essays. I do really well on essays and I feel like things are more in my control.

    We typically get a rubric of what's graded on in our essays and an outline listing everything we should include. There is no reason to get a bad grade with that much information. A test however, you have to just hope you remember everything you have read and that you don't second guess yourself.

    My western civilization II class consist of ONLY 8 essays. That's it. It's scary that my grade is determined by only 8 assignments but it's also nice to have two weeks to worry about one essay. Plenty of time to perfect it.

    Have a great Tuesday!

    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    Hi All
    It is a difficult choice to make and it would depend on the subject.If the subject is of my interest I would like to research and write an essay on it to learn more otherwise I would just take an exam and finish off with that subject

    Thanks for reading


    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?


    I think I would rather do an Exam verses write essays. Sometimes writing essays are hard coming up with words to use.

    Have a great day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    Hey, Allan and all!

    I agree that it depends on the subject. I'd much rather take a test on math than have to write an essay on it! Tests on right or wrong answers like math or science make sense to me. However, with writing or history or other liberal arts classes I think essays are the way to go. I feel like essays make the students think harder because they have to put what they learned into words instead of just recognizing the right answer. I love to put my own opinion into things as well. Plus, usually for essays professors will give you more time to do them so I can correct my own work as much as I want. Essays get way more refined and detailed than exams. If given the choice, I'd rather have essays over midterms or finals. Unless it's a math or science class haha.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    This question hit right at home with me.

    I feel I have become a much better writer as I have graduated college. I had a block on writing while in college. In fact I was terrible. I used writing labs and asked for help from friends all the time. It wasn't until I met my husband that I relaxed and just started writing.

    Honestly I am pretty confident that it has everything to do with reading. I didn't read for fun while in college. I only read what I needed to and typically is was from a college class book.
    I still get writers block but I feel because I do a lot more reading now than I ever did, my writing has improved tremendously.

    With all that being said, I may choose for writing essays these days. But old me would have said exams for sure.

    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?


    I would think a lot of people feel the exact same way as you. I would also prefer an essay over an exam. Unless the essay was something crazy like 20 pages.

    I also stress a lot about exams. I usually start preparing early and study a little each day. By the day of the exam, I am very prepared and I should feel good but it really just makes me stress more because it makes me feel like I am missing something.


    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?


    Great question! I would have to say write an essay because you can put your voice and opinion into it.


    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?


    I agree with JeneluRose,

    I would much rather write sit down for an exam and write it then. Maybe it's because I'm an Engish major, but I find it easier to write. As Hemingway says "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." While I imagine many don't feel this way about exams, I do, and I love the feeling of raw material. Editing is the hard part!

    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    I would have to go with writing an essay. Taking an exam could be so stressful. I have a bad case of test anxiety. It's like when I get infront of an exam, I panic.

    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    Hi everyone,

    I rather write essay for I am very good at it. I know how to do the right research and also what to put into my work. A person can take some couple of hours to write an essay but you need to make time to study well, do lots of researches before you can a good exam. Have a good day.

    Re: Do you rather write essays or exams ?

    I would definitely choose to write essays over sitting for exams.

    I believe my writing and ability to convey my knowledge through writing is quite refined. I always felt more able to argue my position than to recall information for tough exams, especially the hard science exams such as mathematics and physics.

    Even after three years in my career, which is heavily mathematics and spreadsheet work, I find myself longing to write, whether it would be articles for publications or blog posts.