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    Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?

    created by Sammy 132 days 7 hours 54 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?

    Hi lovelies!

    At work I mostly sit throughout the day. I heard the saying, "sitting is the new smoking." Sounds so harsh!
    At work we have height adjustable desks, so I do change my position to standing at times while I work on my laptop. We also have the freedom to work from any seat in the office, and so I do sit on different lounge chairs as well for a change.

    How about you?

    Talk later!

    Re: Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?

    Hey Sammy!

    Thanks for your question! I totally understand that sitting for long periods of time is hard for the body to handle...though I think calling it the "new form of smoking" is going a little too far!

    I have a pretty physically demanding job so I spend a lot of my day walking around...and finally getting to relax and sit once most of my work is done.
    I actually do ultrasounds so if it's my week for doing portable exams (at the patient's bedside) I spend 3-4 (sometimes 5 or 6 yikes!) hours walking between rooms, moving furniture around to get my machine in the rooms, standing during the exam which takes about 30-40 mins, cleaning the patients off from the ultrasound gel, reorganizing their room, and wheeling my machine to the next room. Sometimes i finally get to sit down and the Emergency Room or Cardiologist order an exam Stat and I have to go do it immediately. It definitely gets tiring and some days my arms, shoulder, back and legs are killing me from repetitive motions and pushing. Recently I find myself wishing I had a desk job...I don't think I'll be able to continue this line of work when I'm "old".

    If I'm not doing portable exams and the patients are brought to my office (every third week of the month) I like to sit during the exams, wheel the stretcher in and out of my room and spend my time in between patients putting reports in for the doctors. Those weeks are a lot more relaxing to say the least. If I'm having an especially slow day and I feel restless from sitting too long, I will go grab linen & supplies to stock my room, visit coworkers, or go for a walk to the gift shop/grab coffee, etc.

    The only bad side of not sitting or sitting with my profession is that I'm constantly staring at either an ultrasound screen, or a computer screen for my reports. It's almost as if my eyes never get a break even though my body does.

    Sorry if I ranted haha.

    Re: Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?

    For me, sitting is the new sleeping. Standing, brisk walking, and climbing is what my work day consists of! I work on a shoe floor so on the rare chance there is a stool nearby where the customer is trying on shoes, I might catch a 45 second break to pop a squat. Let me tell you, laying in bed after a long days work has never felt so good!

    Re: Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?


    For my job I have to sit pretty much all day. And for school, it's the same. All my school work is done on a computer and so my eyes get super tired of staring at a screen similar to Regina. I can spend 7 hours a day solely looking at the computer and it gets very tedious. Sometimes I wonder if they should have us standing at the computer instead of sitting at work. I'm sure I would beg for the chair after a few days working without, but I've heard it's better for you to stand. Thanks for reading!

    Have a good day

    Re: Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?

    Hi there Sammy. :)

    I have never heard of the saying, but whoa it does sound pretty harsh. I think it's a bit too extreme honestly! But I might be getting defensive because I sit more than stand throughout the day hehehe.

    I think it's good you've decided to change your position to standing though, and I wish I could do that. Unfortunately I am not in the work force yet, so I usually sit throughout the day as I go to lectures and sit in the library as well. I do agree sitting can be bad, but as long as it's not the whole day I think we'll be okay. Like even if I have an 8 hour session at the library, I do occasionally get up to go to the restroom or to stretch my legs! Everything in moderation.

    Much love,

    Re: Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?

    I sit for the majority of my day, because I do have school, which mostly requires sitting at a desk. Honestly, the only times that I really stand during the day are when walking from class to class, as well as before and after school when I'm at my house. On the weekends I am pretty active, and I often try to exercise or run errands when I can.
    I really should try to move around more throughout my day, now that I think about it, but it's easy to get into the habit of being lazy and just sitting around all day. This was definitely something interesting to think about!

    Re: Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?

    The first job I stand for about 9 hrs every time I work then I get a 30 min break which goes by fast but standing really starting to mess with my body but then my second job I do both stand then sit too soo that's not to bad

    Re: Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?

    At work I always have to be standing, so I think that's one of the healthier aspect of my worklife. At home though when I have no reason to stand I would just be sitting the most of the time. I know it can be pretty bad on my stomach and body to be sitting all the time but I don't know, sitting is very comfortable and it's hard to resist. Plus I reason to myself that I can balance my standing/sitting routine with work where I have to stand all day anyway, so it's all good.
    I do think the idea of a standing table is pretty cool though. I read articles online that talked about how productivity actually boosts when a person is standing. Sometimes I do feel that effect too when I'm studying for my exam and I'm just walking around the room rehearsing things to myself. It works a lot more effectively than if I'm just curled up into a ball in one spot in my seat ^^

    Have a good one!

    Re: Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?

    I usually sit down all day unless I'm at work then I have to stand my whole shift, I work at a retail store so I always have to be on my feet. I also work out after work at the gym!

    Re: Do you mostly sit or stand throughout the day?

    Hey Sammy,

    Well considering that I am in a wheelchair I spend most of my life sitting down. My wheelchair does recline, so that helps. I want the wheelchair that stands up, but insurance will not cover it.

    – Joey