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    Do you like long drives?

    created by crate 136 days 3 hours 37 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you like long drives?

    Hi everyone,

    Since the main airport, as well as most major events happening in Arizona are located in Phoenix, I'm pretty used to making the 2 hour drive it takes to get there. I just got back into town yesterday for college and my girlfriend and I must have spent 4 hours or so on the road that day. Driving at night in Phoenix is pretty cool though, being surrounded by all the lights. I enjoy the relaxing feeling of long drives, especially when you have someone with you to bounce conversation off of the whole time.

    Do you all enjoy long drives, or do you get too bored during them?

    Have a great day.


    Re: Do you like long drives?

    Funny, I just read somewhere Arizona is the prettiest state as far as scenery. I bet it's a really beautiful drive to Phoenix, especially with someone to talk to and keep you up!

    I have a terrible habit of falling asleep on long drives. I get very sleepy and can't help but fall asleep unless I'm in the driver's seat. Otherwise, I will be up for a second and the next moment my head will go limp and I'll be asleep. Terrible, I know! I'm a bad navigator/co-pilot.


    Re: Do you like long drives?

    Hey crate....

    I actually don't like long drives.Anything more than a tree hour drive is too much. I can't handle it. It's too much for me tool handle.

    I've been in a 14hr and 20hr drive... Of course we made short stops, but still torture haha

    So there you go ..I dislike long drives cause they make me feel anxious and nauseated.



    Re: Do you like long drives?

    In general, I don't enjoy long drives. I get carsick pretty easily, and I also get bored really easily, so the overall experience isn't particularly pleasant. However, it depends on who is driving- me, or someone else. If I am driving, I feel like I like long drives better, because I at least am occupied with the task of driving and staying focused. It's probably fun to go on road trips with friends, but I have never really done this, so my overall experience just has been the greatest.
    If I'm on vacation, I don't mind a long drive if it's too a hotel or to go visit a certain area of the state/country, because I at least have an interesting scenery too look at then! Surprisingly, I'm been kept pretty occupied just by looking out the window in the past. Overall, though, I would much rather avoid long road trips when possible.

    Re: Do you like long drives?

    I love going on long drives. The only downer is having the financial means for gas. If money wasn't an issue, I would be driving everywhere, haha. I will travel 4 hours from home to visit my biological mom for a weekend or an hour to see my adopted dad for the day. I load up on coffee and music before heading out. I only stop once to fill up when I am on my way to see my mom. I haven't visited her in a while because I need to change out my tires soon. They're still in decent shape, I just would like to have new ones. I usually head out in the morning for my long drives. I also make sure I am well-prepared for anything unexpected.

    Re: Do you like long drives?

    When I'm stress and just want to take a long drive to ease my mind then yes but if we on a road trip it all depends where we go at after awhile I start to move around a lot and want to make stops

    Re: Do you like long drives?

    Hi everyone,

    I do not like extremely long drive because I get bored easily. The longest drive that I did last time was to drive with my brother for 25 hours. we kept getting some rest along the way but I was really irritated at the end because I couldn't sit in one place for too long. Have a wonderful day.

    Re: Do you like long drives?

    Hey Ryan,

    I don't mind long drives because they can either be really calming or fun depending on why I'm taking the drive. We drive home to see our families a lot which is about 4 hours away, so it can be fun just sitting and talking to my husband with no interruptions for 4 hours. If I'm really stressed out sometimes I'll just go out for a drive to get my mind off of things which can be really helpful. I don't think I would handle 25 hours like Televiacom did as that just seems like a really long time to be in one place!

    Have a great day!

    Re: Do you like long drives?

    I really love going on long drives. Sometimes I just crave going somewhere faraway for a good getaway from the daily stress of life. The scenery throughout the ride is often very relaxing, especially on the summer days when I can roll down the winter and breath is fresh grassy air from the outside on the highway, surrounding by fields of trees.
    Plus long drives are usually good way to catch up on my Z's lol ^^.

    Have a good one!

    Re: Do you like long drives?

    I don't mind driving.

    A couple years ago I loaded up the family after Christmas and drove from Boise to Phoenix so I could watch a college football game.

    The game was incredible. Boise State Won the Fiesta Bowl that year. But that was the year Phoenix got snow. Just my luck. This extended the drive by several hours.

    We stopped in Las Vegas on the way down for a night and went to the Hoover Dam the next day. What an incredible site to see. So many people to from all over the world.

    But as fas as the drives, my favorite is Highway 101 along the Oregon Coast. It's absolutely beautiful. Luscious trees lining the road way and ferns covering the scenery. So Green! With an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean in the background.

    Can't wait to get back to the Oregon Coast.

    Re: Do you like long drives?


    I like long drives if I am going with good friends and fun company to be around. In that case, we would have great and meaningful conversations, play the games in the car, listen and sing the songs and make each other laugh. If you go with right people, the long drive will not seem as long anymore.

    If I traveled alone, it would be different, I once rode a bus from Germany to Lithuania which was 14 hours. I was so bored and my legs were hurting, I didn’t know anybody and just couldn’t wait to get home faster.

    None of that would've happened if I traveled with a good friend and we could find things to do while traveling. If you travel on a long road trip and you are bored, I would suggest putting some music on, bring some great books or just look outside at the nature and different sceneries.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Do you like long drives?

    Hey Ryan!

    I love long drives! Whether they be with other people in the car or just myself. I like to put on some music, have fun conversations and admire the surroundings as I drive. I too find it very serene and I wish gas was free because I would spend all my time driving around.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Do you like long drives?


    Ever since I was little I have gotten car sick so I would say I do not really enjoy long drives.

    If we are on the highway I don't get sick as much but back roads make me so sick. It really sucks because I would much rather have the scenic back roads than the highway.

    2 hours is a while. A long drive for me starts around an hour. The longest drive I've ever done was from Baltimore to Miami which was about 18 hours.


    Re: Do you like long drives?

    Hey Crate!
    I absolutely LOVE long road trips.

    There are a variety of reasons why I do, but the biggest reason is because I'm usually in the car with a person (or persons) that I love and we get to spend time together away from the modern luxuries like t.v., computers and cell phones. Although we may have service for some of the ride, I typically try to talk to the driver and/or back seat passengers instead of playing on my phone!

    Also I love watching the scenery and people watching others passing by. I love turning up some tunes and getting away from reality, even if its just for a few hours!

    Over the Christmas holiday my husband and youngest daughter decided to jump in the car on a whim and ended up in Canada (I always take my passport because we are close to the border!) and it was amazingly beautiful and we spent the entire day together! It was a lovely day!!

    Thanks for the post buddy!


    Re: Do you like long drives?

    YES, long rides are the best

    Re: Do you like long drives?

    Long drives are nice because there so scenic and beautiful to sight see. But since I get car sick I can't stand long drives I get sick very easily.