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    Where is the center of your life right now?

    created by MaryJP 134 days 20 hours 34 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Where is the center of your life right now?

    Hey Everybody!

    What would you say is the center of your life right now? For me, I am busy with school. I am making this the center of my life right now. The nieces and nephews I raised are on their own now and in a different state of residency than I am, so I do not have the family busy lifestyle I once had. I only have to take care of me for now.

    For me, school is my focus and I would like to keep my grades up for a successful future career.

    (sorry, I am rushed today)

    What's your story?


    Re: Where is the center of your life right now?

    The center of my life right now I would have to say is school/college. I'm very determined on figuring out where exactly to go. I have two schools in mind and have already been accepted to one, while going to work in the process in order to save up for a car, permit, license, etc in order to get to college

    Re: Where is the center of your life right now?

    Hey MaryJP,

    I'd say the center of my life right now is in Flagstaff, Arizona. I moved out here from Florida to go to college about 1 1/2 years ago and it's quickly become my home away from home, to the point where when I was visiting back in Florida I was becoming homesick for my life in Flagstaff.

    Like you, my education that I'm undertaking here is very important to me, I'm studying to be an anthropology major whilst learning piano performance at Northern Arizona University, two things I'm quite passionate about. My new home, in the form of an apartment is here, the first home I've ever owned. Most importantly though, I'm living with the love of my life here, making new memories and adventures together, which is invaluable to me.

    Have a great day.


    Re: Where is the center of your life right now?

    Hi there Mary! :)

    No need to apologize for being rushed, I really like your question! My center of my life right now is also school. I am motivated to get better grades this semester and will do my best to get there. Study now, play later.

    Much love,

    Re: Where is the center of your life right now?

    Hi MaryJP

    My center is always my family and what to do for them.

    Work Life Balance is a hard thing to keep "balanced."

    Even though my family is the center, I'm really focused on work. It sounds weird but the more I give to my work the more I feel they give back to me and my family.

    I have a great amount of vacation time and am very strategic about taking it. I have taken my daughter on an 8 hour car ride to Seattle from Boise, ID to watch One Direction. I have chaperoned my sons Marching Band trip to Disneyland. I always continue to "date" my husband and believe in taking a one on one vacation with him too. I have been able to do this without skipping a beat at work.

    Thanks for this question, it reminds me I need to schedule my vacation time for this year.