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    Are We All Created Equal?

    created by KendraScholar 136 days 9 hours 40 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Are We All Created Equal?

    Growing up, we are told that America is the land of opportunities. That if we just work hard enough, we can achieve anything. But is that really true?

    We have people who live in poverty, troubled neighborhoods, etc. In your opinion, if they do not succeed in life with a degree, well-paying job, etc., is it their fault?

    Re: Are We All Created Equal?

    Good morning Kendra,

    The link above will take you to the Wikipedia article about socio-economic mobility in the United States. I think you’ll find that your intuition and observation are backed up by the data.

    My measure of whether a person is successful is whether they become a productive member of society; become someone whose economic output is greater than their draw from the collective pool of resources. This can take many, many forms and whether a person succeeds in doing so is open to many factors.

    Some of those factors are within their control, but many are not. Before we are born, the environment where our parents reside affects their being. Are they exposed to lead in the water (e.g. every city with old water pipes)? Do they live downstream from mining operations that leach heavy metals (e.g. West Virginia)? Do they live in rough neighborhoods? What about what the parents eat and drink? What addictions and dependencies are present? What genetic enhancements and maladies are present? Intelligence is strongly hereditary, but so is mental illness.

    After birth and during the formative years, other questions arise. Do the parents value education? If they do, do they live in a good neighborhood or have the money to spend to send their kids off to better schools? If not, is the society they live in structured in such a way to mitigate those environmental disadvantages?

    All that being said, environment is not deterministic. Those who don’t try will fail. Those who do try may succeed. Nothing is certain. Life is like poker. It depends on the skill of player and the hand they’re dealt.

    Re: Are We All Created Equal?

    Good morning, Kendra.

    Let me first go on record saying that I believe that we are all responsible for doing our part. Yes, the idea that people come from impoverished neighborhoods is certainly a factor, but that has been overcome many, many times! It's all about who you are as a person. I don't believe it was the way you were raised, or anything like that, because you have the decision to rise above your circumstances. Honestly, some people really don't believe they have another way out. There was a quote that I saw on facebook about a year ago, and this is paraphrasing, but:

    "People often ask me why I always take the hard road? It seems now that they think I see two roads." -unknown

    I know of plenty of people who can't break free of the mentality of the people around them. But some have stronger personalities and some of the worst backgrounds produce some of the greatest people. Some here are pretty young, but my PARENTS are the generation of redlining, and the tail end of Jim Crow. Naturally, I was raised to just get a job, any job, keep your head down, don't rattle the masses, take the subtle racism that will undoubtedly be thrown at you, etc. I had to want more for myself than just some job!

    Statistically speaking, what divides us is opportunity! It's in the statistics. "People who hire people hire people who remind them of themselves." (You can also type that sentence into Google and come up with tons of information) I don't know who said that, either, but I heard on a documentary on Netflix called Miss Representation. It discusses how much more likely men are to be employed than women. Terms like glass ceiling, nepotism, institutional racism/sexism exist for a reason and the proof is in the pudding (Google is the pudding). The pay scales are another obvious blow. But we know that white males are the economic majority, so that is who they're likely to hire. (Or be given the benefit of the doubt when committing crimes, but that's another story)

    To sum this up, there is only so much trying you can do! Any of us are only where we are because somebody gave us a chance! The ugly truth is that you won't always get that chance. I know a few people with excellent proposals for businesses, butt they can't get anybody to loan them the start up money. No, it isn't always their fault!


    Re: Are We All Created Equal?

    Hey Kendra and all!

    I truly believe that if someone actually wants to succeed that they can. It may not be an easy route for some, but it can be done with hard work. I go to college with a woman who has a learning disability and she takes every opportunity she can to get tutoring help and she is making it through. I believe that her willingness to stay at this will put her in a good light with prospective employers and she will have just as good of a chance at a career, if not more so, than others in her career field. She is proving herself with all of her hard work being put in NOW.

    There are plenty of scholarship help agencies out there. Being poor is no longer an excuse to not be educated. The help is there. We all found CollegeNet and are doing well here.

    People who make excuses of not succeeding never intended to succeed in the first place. That's the sort of personality who just wants to be on the pity pot and take the easy way through life. I don't have much pity for people who make no effort to help themselves.

    If you believe in yourself you can succeed, no matter who you are or what your birth circumstances are. ALL of our ancestors did this. They came to this country speaking all sorts of foreign languages and made it work here. There's your testimonial of success!

    We learned in our childhood years: "Winners never quit and quitters never win." You decide which you want to be. An employer would be a food to not hire someone who worked that hard to achieve a career. That's his best employee to have.

    Never give up on living your dream! You can achieve it, no matter who you are!


    Re: Are We All Created Equal?

    For a brief period, we have an equality we can all hopefully acknowledge at birth before society modifies that perception.

    Re: Are We All Created Equal?

    This is a great topic that I believe is a prevalent issue today. Though we (America) have come a long way, there is a long way to go. We like to believe in equality and many maintain the idea that it is ubiquitous in America which is definitely not true. I think that it depends on your drive and ambition and inevitably, the set of tools that you're given when you are born or as you grow up. So much of it is situational and its the luck of the draw where you end up in the world. Just as we are here sitting in front of our computers or phones, we could have been born elsewhere and not been able to access these resources. Along with that comes the perceived status that people give to other people. We are all biased. No matter how much we think we aren't. Equality is a man-made concept that we have not been able to achieve because I don't think its attainable, as much as I wish it was. There are usually pecking orders involved with other species and their kind and so why should we be the exception?

    Re: Are We All Created Equal?

    Hello Kendra and all,

    Yes I do believe we are all created equal. We all do the same things in life.

    Have a great day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Are We All Created Equal?

    Hi everyone,

    The believe that poor people can become rich is doable but I didn't think that being equal to the next person is only measure by your accomplishments or how much money you have in the banks.
    If a black person stand with a white man and an Asian man.... people should be able to see that all of these 3 people are human being therefore equal. Sex, money , color and social standard shouldn't add to it.
    I must say that equality does not exist with the people who truly control this world. For instance rich people like Trump, Romney do not truly think that every other race is equal to them.
    I believe that all human being and their organism is created equal by God. No matter the race human beings are equal but no one is equal to the other when it comes to social rates and norms. There will always be rich and poor people throughout eternity.