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    What do you do to relax ?

    created by Allan Varghese 132 days 21 hours 11 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    What do you do to relax ?


    With study and work life can get too hectic. It's healthy to take atleast sometime to relax or chill everyday when life gets too crazy.

    Whenever I get to overwhelmed I play a soccer game on my iPad. It just helps to shut by brain off for atleast few minutes. Sometimes it helps me to relax. Some other time I tend to go for a walk and that helps.

    How about you ? What do you do to relax when life gets too overwhelming?

    Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

    Re: What do you do to relax ?

    Hey, Allan!

    First thing I usually do when I feel overwhelmed is take a nap! My body just wants to shut off for a little while and recharge so I can be completely alert and focused to tackle what's infront of me.

    Another thing I do is watch a favorite show or video. I can get through a stressful week just by knowing I have something to look for at 9 pm when a favorite show starts. It can even help me get things done faster because I have a rule with myself that I can't watch if I have something due that night.

    Time management is the key to being able to relax. Knowing you have the time if needed, helps relax by itself. In my personal experience anyway.

    Have a great day!

    Re: What do you do to relax ?

    Lol I think I might know that soccer game on your iPad that you're talking about. I literally see my cousin playing that game every time I walk into his room. "I'm doing homework" he says XD.
    I like to just put up a TV show, usually Friends, or some random Netflix movie and grab some snacks and eat. Otherwise I would be crocheting or knitting up some goods. Making craft definitely gives me a good kind of distraction from the stress of life!

    Have a good one!

    Re: What do you do to relax ?

    hi hi!

    I agree that taking a walk helps to relax. A lot of times I just like to lay down on hard floor, extend my arms over my head, and just stretch a little. Throughout the day I sit in all kinds of positions, and so sometimes the best way for me to relax it just lay down.

    Talk later!

    Re: What do you do to relax ?

    I listen to music every day for various reasons. It helps me relax and motivates me to get things done, aside from my coffee. It is proven that music influence our daily lives. Have you noticed the different types of music that plays wherever you may be shopping or eating? Take a casual restaurant for instance, or a bar. Both establishments choose the right type, i.e. oldies or easy listening to faster upbeat genres, to accompany and enhance the food; to create ambiance and atmosphere; and/or to influence menu choices. Happy music creates happy customers or patrons. So, the next time you are at a grocery store, take a moment to listen to what type of music the organization is playing and how it makes you feel.