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    How do you prefer your BEC

    created by Tyraa 136 days 17 hours 31 minutes ago

    Category: World

    How do you prefer your BEC

    Bacon egg and cheese sandwiches is such a yummy breakfast to buy or even make! How do you like yours made? I'm extremely picky with my BEC, I can't eat it from just anywhere. I always order a (turkey) bacon well done, egg (whites) well done, and cheese.

    Re: How do you prefer your BEC

    Hey Tyra,
    You know that is crazy because I just had the BOMBEST BEC I have ever made without burning up the house...

    Thick cut bacon, eggs with pepper, garlic salt, sea salt, and cayenne, and feta cheese. Try it !

    I promise you will be more than satisfied Tyra :)

    Re: How do you prefer your BEC

    Goodmorning Tyraa!

    That sounds delicious right about now!!!

    I am oh so picky. I don't like bec sandwhiches but I love bacon and chees buscuits! No egg for me. The crossants at burger king are pretty good to me even though they use sausage instead. I wish I could get into eggs but I just can't stomach it.

    Re: How do you prefer your BEC

    Hello, Tyra.

    That's pretty specific! I honestly hadn't put that much thought into it. While I do know that I need my bacon to be fully cooked and crispy (but not burnt), I don't have a preference for which part of the egg makes it into the sandwich. They also have ro be fully cooked, though. At home, I scramble them, but in public, I want a fried egg. I just don't want miscellaneous egg pieces dropping all into my lap. Ha! I like to have two different types of cheeses (American and Swiss usually). But I eat them in slices. I like to just lay them on the hot eggs and just watch them fold over and melt. I don't know why..

    Anyway, I'm off to make one now!