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    How do you consume music?

    created by thewintersun 137 days 1 hour 24 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How do you consume music?

    Music is so diverse now and so is the way it's consumed. For instance, I listen to it in my car, at the gym, at work, and at home. It could be piped in through my phone, through my computer, and through my TV. I'm a minority among listeners in that I still buy CDs and rip them. And I'm a stickler for uncompressed files.

    How do you like your music? Are you a speakers, headphones, or earbuds person? Do you care about compression? Do you like your music mobile? Are there aspects of music and music consumption that don’t often get touched that you feel should?

    Re: How do you consume music?

    hey thewintersun!

    I listen to my music on my ipad, phone and computer whether through speakers or headphones.

    I like to get the best out of my music so I try to look for good sound quality like Bose or sony.

    I enjoy music so much that I think I am slightly hard hearing on both of my ears. I had to force myself to listen to music so that I could relax and ease my anxiety.

    Unfortunately, Bose is expensive, so I do have to save money for good quality music products.



    Re: How do you consume music?

    Hi, thewintersun.

    To be honest, I haven't thought about it that deeply. I like music as well, but I like what I like, so I didn't listen to the radio in my truck.

    I just got a new car and it has Bluetooth capability, so I'll connect my phone and listen to my favorite songs on YouTube, shuffle my personal playlist, or just ride to somebody's Pandora station. It's cool that it connects wirelessly. Even if it didn't, though, I have an sux cord jack, so I'd be good.

    At work, I use a wireless headset, but it's annoying bc the earbuds never stay. I would much rather a pair of hesdphones, but the wireless feature is so convenient! I guess everything in life is bitter sweet! Shrugs..

    Thanks for reading..