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    self driving cars

    created by deon 137 days 2 hours 34 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    self driving cars

    According to the business insider Tesla is "rolling out" its new autopilot system this week. How long do you guys think until cars drive themselves is as common as air conditioning?

    Re: self driving cars

    Self-driving cars might work for cities to replace taxis, but I think that most people won't trust a self-driving car system because one of the biggest advantages of driving is being in control of the machine. For this reason, I don't think it will become as common place as A/C for many years.


    Re: self driving cars

    Good afternoon Deon,

    I believe the acceptance of self-driving cars will increase exponentially as the price comes down. There is an element of distrust with the new technology, as has been the case with every new technology, but as various technologies become more integrated into our lives, the time to acceptance has dropped incredibly. For example, how fast did social media explode once it became available to the masses? Or how fast did the smartphone become a staple of American life, despite the fact that voice activated technology, cameras, and GPS can monitor every individual at any time there is a signal?

    As the price comes down, a few adventurous individuals will buy into the technology, which will facilitate improvements in the system via machine learning. The most cost effective method for doing this probably entails having some form of sensors and feedback to a central hub, which would then broadcast updates to the individual vehicles. As the system improves and economies of scale kick in, the trickle will turn into a stream and then a flood.

    Computers have the potential to drive better than people. They don’t get drunk, tired, or distracted. That being said, I’m not fully convinced. Centralized networks are vulnerable to attack and misuse and a few bad actors with the right connections can wreak havoc on the system.

    Re: self driving cars

    Hey, Deon.

    I saw a self-driving car like last year on fb. Of course, it was a prototype, but it was amazing. Since they've been working on it for some years now, I think it won't be too much longer before they're released. Maybe 2030? But, if you're old enough to recall the Jetsons, we should have been doing this already... and pressing a button that dispenses a pill for you to take equivalent to a 3-course meal! The past future was so cool! But I wonder what type of licensing you would need to operate such a machine. Would you have to have a pilot license? This means only a select few will have them for quite a while before they become mainstream... like cell phones. I can remember when only the top businessmen had them, in their cars, and they were the size of bunny rabbit. Lol So maybe it will be later than 2030 before everybody has one. Society will have to be reconstructed for such a thing. Can you imagine the accidents that would happen with the slightest bit of fog?!

    Good topic, Deon.


    Re: self driving cars

    Hey Deon,

    Even though I like the fact that we human beings are very smart and we have come up with some amazing technological advancements, I am still doubtful whether I will trust a driverless car. It's just hard for me to imagine living in a completely driverless cars.

    However I can't deny that we won't have cars that are driverless. I am sure the number of self driven cars will increase and probably people may find it more reliable and safe. There is a high possibility. When I was in London I was surprised to know that there are self driven trains. I did take that rain often when I was there. It's called DLR- Docklands Light Railway. It was just for a small portion in London. It is an automated light metro system opened in 1987 to serve the redeveloped Docklands area of London. But they do have staff on board just for passenger safety reasons. They do have drivers on all the other major underground trains in London.

    Similarly self driven cars might become more prevalent and may be effective in a small part of the world. But I don't think it would become as common as air conditioning. It's just because of safety concerns. When it's all said and done, People still trust and appreciate other people than robots or mechanics.

    Thanks a lot for the engaging question!!!

    Re: self driving cars

    Hi everyone,

    I do not trust any self driving cars and I won't even bother with what they have to offer. Anything human make is meant to destroy human lives. Can you imagine how fast the rise of drinking and driving while be? We have irresponsible drivers roaming the streets causing accident all ready , we really do not need these toys roaming our streets. If a person can't drive a car , then I personally think that they shouldn't , they ought to stay home or take a taxi. Have a wonderful day.

    Re: self driving cars

    It's crazy. My husband and I were just talking about this because I mentioned that I heard somewhere on the radio about self-driven or auto piloted trucks, like the 18 wheeler type trucks. I have to admit that I was a bit turned off by the idea at first because the first thought that popped into my head was "i-robot," the movie. I'm not sure how many watched that years ago when it came out but it was the first time that thought was put into my mind. Can cars really drive themselves? Technology is on the up and everything is developing faster now than ever. I'm seeing more and more amazing things come to life, sort of speak, that we used to watch on tv and the movies growing up(90's baby!). Now I don't believe anyone should be driving those massive 18 wheelers for such long amounts of times and not taking appropriate breaks but we, as consumers, push them to do so. So if self driven trucks is the answer, I'd like to see that and see how well they drive. The only problem with them....and i'm sure there are other problems, but the only main problem I forsee is what do the men and women who drive these trucks get to do then? I guess find another way to make a living.
    It's like all the self- checkkout lines that seem to be growing in the these megastores. Soon we won't need to see or speak to cashiers because there won't be any. Technology is advancing and it's like we either get with it or get left behind.

    Re: self driving cars

    Hopefully three years is all that it takes.