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    Collegenet and Pivacy

    created by Believe1! 137 days 5 hours 48 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Collegenet and Pivacy

    I have noticed, amongst the forums that are being posted a number of them make me question how much information we are giving about ourselves on Collegenet. Assuming that a large sum of it is at least subjectively honest, I ask the question how much do we truly consider the information that we distribute on this site? Literally we can see the cities and states that we live in as well as repetitions in our daily routines that people are posting onto the internet. Some of the same information can technically be used by predators or stalkers lurking online.
    Does Collegenet pose the same risks when we give out personal information as regular social media sites? Why or why not?

    Re: Collegenet and Pivacy

    Hey believer,

    Great forum post!

    I think about this every time I post. It's an instinct to be forthcoming and honest for me, but at what cost are we posting our daily lives on this site!

    I think it is a risk to post about personal things. I mean your favorite color is one thing, but your daily routines and intimate details is risky. I also think that we get paid not only because the advertising pays collegenet, but also because the advertisers can gain information on us based off of our post content.

    So to answer your question, yes Collegenet can post the same risks as more common social media sites. The cnet community is really unique and the benefits make up for the pitfalls. I worry more about posting to Facebook for some reason than to Collegenet.

    Have a good day!


    Re: Collegenet and Pivacy

    I definitely have a feeling that I can be more honest about myself on Cnet than on other social media sites. So I do post more honest and potentially dangerous sensitive information about myself here, but I don't really think there is as much risk in doing so as other social media.

    I think this is because Cnet is made up of an incredibly different community. Almost all the people on Cnet are here for the same reason. We are all trying to get through school, and I think there is a sort of mutual trust that goes along with that because we are "all in the same boat."

    Cnet also gives me anonymity. So even though I can post things very specific about myself and the state I live in is known, I'm not giving out my address or any real information that could link me to anything. So I can be honest, but I can't really be put in danger for being honest.

    With other social media, I typically post things to friends that I know, and sometimes it is hard to be honest with them. I could easily be made fun of for posting something, and everyone would know it was me. On Cnet, nobody really knows who I am and it doesn't really matter if i accidentally step on a few toes. I think it's also kind of assumed that not everyone will agree with everyone on everything on Cnet. That's kind of the point of Cnet, and because of that, there isn't really any harsh language from people with conflicting views.

    In short, I feel like we are all in a friendly community here, and people here aren't out to get me like they might on other social media.

    Thanks for the post!

    Re: Collegenet and Pivacy

    Hey, Believe!

    This crosses my mind a lot. We can't delete forums so essentially, what we say is here forever. I consider this when I answer questions. I have invited friends and families to this website so I try not to say what I wouldn't want them to know.

    But I also am far more open here and opinionated than other sites. With how much I post, I feel as though someone could learn a LOT about me by reading through my post. That could be good or bad depending on the reader's intentions.

    But I think I filtered myself enough to be safe here.

    Have a great week!

    Re: Collegenet and Pivacy

    Definitely crossed my mind. My advice- don't expose too much of yourself. Sure, they can see the state and city you're in but what can they really do with that if you give them nothing else? We are all here for the same reason and there's no point in letting out too much and being too honest, even if you're enthusiastic enough to do so. Just write anything in the post and you're good lol.

    Re: Collegenet and Pivacy

    Hi everyone,

    I totally agree with you all that Collegenet isn't so different from all the other social media apps out there but I think that they owner of the site and their IT system will surely protect our informations. I would hope that only members of Collegenet will read our posts. I hope that the entire world doesn't know everything I post all the time because I do give out details about my personal life on here sometimes. The truth is as long as you are online, 50% of your safety is gone. Have a great day.

    Re: Collegenet and Pivacy

    hi hi!

    Well we get money for sharing our thoughts, information and lives and that is the biggest value for social media. Nothing is free in this world. Social medias like Cnet have access to our computers that we use and so they can track every site we visit and pretty much everything we do online. All of our info is sold for big money so we can be haunted with adds, email advertisements, sales people, recruiters and what ever else.
    So yeah, I don't talk about my personal every day life on Cnet, I rather pick topics that evoke opinions. But all those opinions make Cnet money anyway.

    Talk later!