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    What makes a place 'home' to you?

    created by crate 137 days 22 hours 2 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What makes a place 'home' to you?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm visiting my home state of Florida right now, staying with my parents during the Winter break away from school. I go to college in Arizona and I've noticed that I've genuinely been becoming homesick for my life back in AZ, although I've lived in Florida all my life until a couple of years ago.

    I'm sure it's because I'm so far away from my girlfriend. It's great that I get to come back and see my family but after a few weeks I realize how much I also love the new life I've made for myself across the country!

    That got me thinking,

    What makes a place feel like home to all of you?

    Is it being around the people you love, the landscape, the nostalgic memories?

    Let me know, and have a great day!


    Re: What makes a place 'home' to you?


    What makes a place feel like a home to me is if I am comfortable in every room and I have a room to myself.

    In my apartment, I share a place with four other roommates. My boyfriend and I share a room. I thought I would be homesick after moving out of my parents house for the first time. However, this was not the case. I love living in my apartment and it is so cozy, I even decorated it for Christmas.

    When I go home to my parents house I still feel welcome and like it is home, but there is a weird feeling now when I stay too long that I miss my place even though it is smaller with way less stuff.


    Re: What makes a place 'home' to you?


    To me - home is the place which is surrounded by the people that you love. This can be your family, significant other and dear friends that makes you feel great to be around. Location doesn’t matter to me that much. I could live in Europe, USA or anywhere else, but people around me matter the most. If I have great people around and share beautiful memories together, this is what I call - home.

    If I lived in the most beautiful place in the world, which has spectacular landscape, but no family and people that I love, I would not like to be there, because my home is my family.

    Have a great day!


    Re: What makes a place 'home' to you?

    I feel at home when I have friends over and I can host a nice party.
    I don't need loads of room or a loads of friends for that matted, I just want to be able to enjoy their company and conversation while I feed them and we all laugh over a few glasses of wine.
    Good luck in AZ.
    I hope to live in the land of the beautiful blue skies and sun, someday. But for now, Idaho is home.

    Re: What makes a place 'home' to you?

    Good evening crate,

    It's a combo of all three, which is new for me. I live in Atlanta, am also from Florida, and was there over Christmas. Passing under the water oaks, pine trees, and Spanish moss and being on the beach brought me back to my younger days. And seeing my extended family after having been unable to travel for years was nice. I was home with my kin.

    Re: What makes a place 'home' to you?

    Like the say being comfortable and being around people that loves accepts you and doesnt judge you and doesn't make you feel uncertain under any circumstances. And the atmosphere around the room too

    Re: What makes a place 'home' to you?


    For me it's a combination of landscape, nostalgic memories, and just raw energy and love. The sublime feeling I get, and the ability to be completely comfortable. It's nice to be able to make a new home, so other than missing your girlfriend could be that you made a new home. You essentially can't ever go back home, since you're not returning to the same exact place you left. Things change, people change, so it can be like a reintroduction in a way, but your nostalgic memories can still give you that comfort, along with your family.

    Re: What makes a place 'home' to you?

    Hey Crate and all!

    I guess being around what makes me most comfortable - friends, family, things that I get comfort from. I could also make a home in any area of the world as long as I am in comfort in that spot.

    I like to do my own colors, designing and have a place for everything of need. I don't like disorder of my home.

    Home is where you hang your hat, so they say. As long as I have what I NEED I can make a home anywhere.