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    Extrovert of Introvert?

    created by Dakine 141 days 3 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Extrovert of Introvert?

    Hey guys, are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

    I am definitely an Introvert, and I really have a hard time talking to new people.

    To deal with this, I sort of learned to copy other peoples personalities and sort of say "what I think they would say" to break the ice. I mostly do this through humor.

    Oddly enough, once I am talking to someone new, I really turn into a completely different person. I become more and more extroverted as I get a better "feel" for whoever I am talking to.

    Because of this, some of my good friends would swear that I am definitely an extrovert.

    How about you guys?

    Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

    I'm an introvert as well. I don't have issues talking to new people, although I get burnt out having a lot of surface level conversations with people. I prefer to dive deep lol. Some of my friends think im an extrovert to sometimes. I like to go to the bar and read a book or draw pictures or make designs on the computer!

    Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

    Hmmm...the age old question...entirely kidding but it is an interesting question. I think that not everyone can be lumped into those two categories and that people are both but one usually is a bit more dominant. That being said I would want to say that I'm introverted but it really depends on the people, the situation and the mood. Perhaps I am half and half because at times I want nothing to do with people and at others I'm the most bubbly person in the room. It all depends I suppose.

    Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

    Hi Dakine,

    I find that I'm an extroverted-introvert. I prefer to spend my time alone or in the presence of my small, close-knit circle. But, when in a new environment, I can mimic the other person, like you do. I also make it a point to talk as little as possible. People love to talk about themselves and I make it easy by asking them inquisitive questions. Seems to go well. :)

    Thanks for reading,


    Re: Extrovert of Introvert?


    I am an introvert. Although I love talking to people sometimes, if I spent too much time around crowd that I don’t really know, it exhausts me so much. I don’t like going to parties or events with a lot of unfamiliar people. After such events, it takes a lot of time for me to recover. I become so tired after all that talking and being nervous so that I stay for the next few days on my own. I am a very reserved person and I would only open up to a few people.

    I can’t be open with everyone I meet because I have been hurt before. I like having a few friends who makes me feel very comfortable to be around.

    I wish that I could be somewhere in the middle between extrovert and introvert, which would open me up for more conversations and opportunities to make new friends, which is very difficult.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

    Hey Dakine!

    I'm an introvert here! A lot of people I know are shocked when I first tell them that I'm an introvert but I always promise them it's true. While I get along with people pretty well and I'm able to go out with friends I also find that I really need my alone time which is where my true introvert nature comes through. I get my energy from within instead of other people so I often find myself slipping away from the crowd after a big event or a busy period in my life.
    One way that I really figured out how to be an introvert but social at the same time was to have lunch by myself everyday. Sure, it sounds horrible and boring but I find that if I take that 30 minutes to an hour of eating by myself, I can get back up and be social with everyone at school for the rest of the day!

    Thanks for reading


    Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

    Internally I think of myself as an introvert. But my job requires me to be very extroverted. I have joined the local chamber in several different towns as well as several boards and committees.
    It takes a lot of energy to turn into an extrovert, each day I come home exhausted.

    Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

    Good evening Dakine,

    I lean 60 % introvert, 40 % extrovert. I enjoy parties, presentations, and karaoke, but also find them all exhausting. With a little bit of rest though, I'm back in the game!

    Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

    Hey Dakine,

    I was kinda confused about my personality type. Because in certain circumstances I find myself as an extrovert but in other instants when I am around extroverts I tend to be an introvert. So I was slightly confused and so I took an online test which classified me as an 'ambivert'. That means I fall right at the middle of the introvert-extrovert spectrum.

    I don't really always trust these online personality tests but on this occasion I feel like it was right. Also these kind of personality test questions enable us to self-reflect. As we grow older, a realistic self-realisation is important. Its helpful to know our strengths, weaknesses, our comfort zones and areas we should avoid and so on. It helps us alot when it comes to relating to our peers and especially when seeking to have meaningful relationships.

    Thanks for the question !!!

    Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

    Hey Dakine,

    Like you I am also an introvert. I use humor as well to get to know people and break the ice. I often joke about my social anxiety and my disability, as you may know from some of my forums. But the truth is I have no problem just stay at home watching Netflix. haha. I have a few close friends and a lot of acquaintances, but at heart I will always be an introvert.

    – Joey

    Re: Extrovert of Introvert?

    Hello Dakine,

    I'm definitely an ambivert, but more on the introvert side! As much as I like being social and love helping people, even strangers, I shudder small, non-sensible talks. In fact I hate small talks and feel uncomfortable while doing so. I like being with friends but again gangs and groups don't suit me. I'd rather sit at home and read my favourite book or have a Netflix marathon rather than clubbing or partying. I really don't know how to be a total extrovert!

    Thanks for asking,