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    How did you get your name?

    created by kristinuteee 141 days 7 hours 50 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How did you get your name?

    Hello everyone,

    Do you have a story about your name? How and why your parents chose the name that you have today? Does it have a special meaning? Maybe your family named you after someone else in the family?

    When it came to the name registration, my father was so excited when I was born, to the point where he forgot to put the name that my both parents originally chosen. He went to registration office and registered my name as Kristina by mistake, even though they originally planned to give me the name - Jurate.

    What is the story about your name?

    Have a great day!


    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hey Kristina,

    You definitely have an interesting story behind your name! I was named after the movie Flashdance where one of the main character's names is Alex. My mom loves that movie so she wanted me to have the name of her favorite character. My middle name came from a guy that my mom worked with and was really good friends with. So, my name definitely doesn't come from my family by any means, but my brother's does as he was named after our grandfather, and great grandfather on my dad's side.

    Have a great day!

    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hi, Kristina.

    I like your name.. I also like mine... Lol

    As simple as it would be to assume that my name came from my mother's love for the singer, that's not the case.. Actually, my mother didn't name me at all!!!

    She was sure she didn't want me to be named Michaela, after my father, bc he had cheated with a woman who has that name... Aside from that, she was too upset to care what I was named... So my aunt named me...

    Something that started with an "M" for my dad and incorporated my mom... So she came up with MaDonna.. The "d" in the middle is capitalized bc my mother's name is Donna... That's where my name came from... Nothing too exciting...

    HOWEVER, it's meaning is the Virgin Mary... Or a depiction.. So that's quite a person to try to live up to, huh?? Jesus's mother... It makes me chuckle sometimes bc I got pregnant with my son the more common way... Lol

    Good question.. Have a good day!


    Re: How did you get your name?


    That is a fun story! I love my name, but the story behind it is soo lame! My parents couldn't decide on a name for me so they went to a movie to kill time. There was a character in the movie with the name Cheyenne, and that's that! 22 years later they don't even remember the name of the movie! I can feel the love.


    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hey Kristin!

    I was told that my mom wanted to name me Serena/Selena and my dad liked the name Regina because the meaning is "queen". I guess dad won the battle and I got stuck with a name that most grandmothers have in this day and age. Wahoo for me. It's starting to grow on me now because I am a queen lol. The meaning suits me very well :D.


    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hi there Kristina!

    Your story definitely makes me crack up as it's something my own dad would do! I am named after Elisabeth in the bible, and my full name is actually Elisabeth. However, I usually go by Elisa with friends and family. The only times I go by Elisabeth would be in classes where I would correct the professor on the first day of my preferred name, but then would just give up correcting them because they would forget!

    Much love,


    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hey, Kristina!

    You have a cute story! I love it, I hope your name fits you.

    All I know about my name is that I was going to be named Riley no matter what gender I was haha. And I'm sure my dad made sure that I had a "strong" name. Not to mention it's Irish so it rings with my last name "Riley McClellan". There's probably more to the story, but that's all I know haha. I really like my name, I think it fits me and I think it's pretty unique!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: How did you get your name?

    My parents named me after my father and my grandfather, whose names were Edwin. But they wanted my name to sound cooler, so they just called me Eddie.

    Re: How did you get your name?

    My name wasn't all that exciting. I was named Robert after my Uncle Bob, who's real name was Robert.

    What was a little more exciting, however, is how I named some pets I owned.

    As a child, I was quite clever at naming my pets.

    I had a pet gardener snake that I named "Snakey."

    I had a golden retriever that I named "Golden."

    And I had an Australian Shepherd that I named "Bullet" because that dog was as fast as a bullet.

    Thanks for the post Kristina!

    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hi Kristina,

    My family used to live next to a couple who were named Daniel and Sherwin, and my parents were in love with these two. They were genuinely great people, they helped out at my brother's preschool all the time and were always his babysitter when he was very young. Plus they hung out with my parents a lot so I guess they got to be close friends.

    Daniel ended up passing away right around the time of my birth though, so my parents decided to let his name live on through me. However, I've went by my middle name, Ryan, a name I was given because they liked the way it sounded. So... not as sentimental in the end.

    Have a great day.


    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hi Kristina, I think your story is quite interesting and unique! My story is quite funny, I was supposed to be named Katie Isabella, Katie because my dad was an avid fan of Katie Holmes and Isabella because my mom had always liked that name. The day of my birth came and my dad decided Katie Isabella was not a good name and changed his mind last minute. When the nurse went into the room to register me, my mom was in the restroom and my dad took it upon himself t name me Iliana Gerardo, Iliana after a soccer player my mom admired and Gerardo after himself because I was his first child. For a long time, I hated my middle name because people would always look at me weird and I hated when I got the weird looks, I love it now.

    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hi Kristin!
    That's a cute story, your dad was just too excited! I was given my name Xue in the orphanage in China and all the kids there were given the last name Bai. It's custom for the last name to come before the first name there and so my name was White Snow, Bai meaning white and Xue meaning snow. My adoptees (My parents) chose to kept my first name which was highly unusual, most parents chose to change the name to help assimilate the child to American culture perhaps? I'm not sure but I ended up with my original name. It's pronounced Shway and people butcher it all the time but it's my sort of connection to the life that I left there. I love my name and I wouldn't change it but for simplicity's sake I have a restaurant name that I use for any sort of place that requires a name because explaining my name over and over became too monotonous.

    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hey Kristina,

    I was named after my dad. His name is Joseph as well. However, he goes by "Joe", and I go by Joey.

    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hey Kristina, funny story there. :P

    Hey Joey, Both of us seem to have a similar story: I was named such that my name was synonymous with my dad's and it is named after a God from Hindu mythology who is regarded as the 'Protector'.

    I have another name (Shankar) which was named after my great-grandfather, which according to myth denotes "Destroyer" Lol, quite a mix, ain't it ?


    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hello all!

    My parents put 5 names in a hat and picked one out. Rebekah, Evita, Emma, Rachel, and Joy. Emma was specifically chosen from the Jane Austen book Emma. They decided that Joy was more of a middle name so they left that name on the side and drew out Emma. Thus became Emma Joy.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hey Jurate and all! LOL

    I like that name. I had never heard of this name before, but originality is good!

    When my mother was pregnant with me she went to a gypsy of some sort to learn what gender her baby was. Yeh, right???? The gypsy said "you are definitely carrying a son", so my parents, believe it or not, planned on another son joining the family on the gypsy's word alone!

    My mom has red hair and my dad has black hair. They could not decide on a boy's name, so they compromised and said if the boy had red hair my mom's chosen name of Joel Christopher would be the name. If the new son had dad's dark hair, then his chosen name of Kevin Anthony would be given.

    Well, along came a red haired daughter and they were stumped on a name. I ended up being named after both great grandmothers and a deceased aunt as a last resort of a name: Mary Jo Frances.

    That's my story!


    Re: How did you get your name?

    hi hi!

    My father named me after Samantha Smith, a 10 year old Americas youngest ambassador who died in a plane crash in 1985. In our country my name was very rare back in 80s and so many people had curious faces when I would say that my name is Samanta :)

    Talk later!

    Re: How did you get your name?

    Hello Kristin and all,

    I was named after my grandma Genevieve rose may she rest in peace.

    Have a great day!

    Jenelu Rose

    Re: How did you get your name?

    Named by a suggestion of father's friend