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    Why did you choose your program of study?

    created by JeneluRose 140 days 2 hours 8 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Why did you choose your program of study?

    Good morning to all you guys and gals,

    Congratulations to all you scholarship winners. I am a stay at home wife,one day I decided to take an online class just to keep me busy. I've learned a lot and I enjoyed learning about Medical Billing and Coding. I also like the fact that I can work from home or out in the medical field.Once I finished, that's when I decided to go to college to learn more. {Medical Administrative Business}. So how about you guys and gals, Why did you choose your program of study???

    Have a great day!

    Jenelu Decker

    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?

    Hi, JR..

    The program I've chosen has been a goal for quite some years now. Growing up, I was looking for something practical that would make a ton of money. It was that simple. I'm oftentimes envious of those people who have a passion for something and set their sights on getting a degree in just that. I never had that feeling.

    I've always known that I wanted to work with the youth. For whatever reason, teenagers love me.. Lol Anyway, there are so many ways to go about that, so I just chased a degree in criminal justice. It's not specific enough to get me into a certain position, but I think vague enough to offer options on which direction I want to go! The psychology minor is just icing on the cake when dealing with people and making an effort to help them be/do better.

    Happy Thursday!


    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?

    Hi everyone,

    I chose business before because I wanted to have run my own office or business someday. Also I love fashion and I figure the best place to dress and look great and make money at the same time would have to be at the office.
    Now that I am grown and more mature, I want to impact sick people, I want to help heal people that are lying in hospital beds with no hope and that is why I am going back to school to get my nursing degree. Have a wonderful day.

    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?


    Since I was a teenager I met a lot of people who were doing business. I would talk to them often and got so inspired by them and decided to study business myself. I think that my major is very broad and I could work in many different organizations.

    Every field requires some type of business skills. I don’t want to be limited only to one field, if I don’t succeed in one field, I would move to another and business degree would allow me to do that. I also enjoy learning about how companies work, how to start business, basic finances and what is going on in the world’s economy.

    I am third year in college and still very enjoying studying it. Everyday I learn something new and it’s very exciting to learn from very knowledgeable people. Maybe one day in my life I will start a business myself - non profit organization that helps people and animals. I believe that choosing to study this field was one of the best decisions that I ever made.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?

    Hi there Jenelu! :)

    I am studying to become a pharmacist currently because I love the medical field. I initially wanted to become a doctor or a physicians assistant, but decided to go with a pharmacist because I realize I am a complete germophobe and probably would not be able to handle so much contact with other people! I still like aspects of the health field though and do still like having some contact with people, so I realized becoming a pharmacist would be perfect for me. I'm happy you still chose to take classes! It's always good to be curious and want to learn more.

    Much love,


    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?

    Hi Jenelu,

    It was a far step from my original idea of music performance, but I've chosen to study Archaeology at my University. I realized how much I'd love to travel for my field and I genuinely enjoy learning about ancient places and people. I figured Archaeology would be a great mix of the two, because (in a perfect world) I'd get to study in all parts of the earth. Going to places like tropical Mexico and Europe while also getting to learn in depth about the culture would be an amazing experience.

    Have a good one.


    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?


    My major is elementary education and the reason I chose that is because I want to do something with kids. I have always wanted to work with kids and that will never change. You see, I like the law so I considered being a paralegal, but I couldn't wrap my head around not working with kids every day.

    Growing up, my mom had a home daycare in our house. Never too many kids. The most she has ever had is six. I used to help her with the babies and when I was younger I would play with some of the older kids. It was so much fun and there was never a dull moment in our house. That is when I realized how much kids bring joy to me.

    As I have begun student teaching I am reassured that this is exactly what I want to be doing!


    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?

    Hey JeneluRose,

    I am pursuing a Masters degree in forensic psychology from nova Southeastern University. I chose this area of study because it is my dream to become a criminal profiler, and I find people's behavior fascinating. I believe that with this degree I can help a lot of people in my law-enforcement career.

    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?

    Hi Jenelu!

    I'm currently still a high school student but once I get in to college I intend to double major in Sociology/Criminology and German and maybe even tack on a Chemistry minor just for the fun of it. I plan on going into law enforcement as an officer and then hopefully as a homicide detective which has heavily influenced my decision making process when it comes to my program of study. Sociology/Criminology (the study of human society) will help give me an edge as to why people function in society the way they do. I get a lot of people asking my why I don't just major in Criminal Justice (it's a fair question) and my answer is always "I want to set myself apart". I know that Criminal Justice would be the easy route, but I want to study something I'm passionate about that I could still apply to law enforcement as well as a wide variety of other areas.
    As for my German major, I've been taking German for 5 years and it's really something that I've fallen in love with. German is such a beautiful language and it can never hurt to be bilingual.

    Hopefully my plan will fall into place and life will work out for me, but we'll just have to wait and see!

    Thanks for reading


    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?

    Hi there Jenelu!

    I am studying computer science because I have always been interested in coding. I knew going into the health field was not for me, but neither was business nor did I want to straight up just become an engineer. Hence, I chose computer science! One of my favorite professors also told me that computer science is a really good major to have right now, with jobs in the field increasing every year, so I knew it'd be a good choice for my future.


    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?

    Hey Jenelu,

    It is a great question!!! Great to hear about the program you are doing. Thanks for sharing your story.

    The graduate degree I am currently doing is a Masters in theological studies. The decision to join this program is based on the choice I made after a very long time. This decision came as a result of spending two years doing full time professional job in the area I was trained earlier and spending sometime in various parts of the world. By being in touch with the real world and working with people I have realized that my passion and interest have evolved. I knew that I had a deep interest in religious and theological studies. Wherever I went I could see people's views on Faith and supernatural beliefs are interlinked to the way they lived life in society. Therefore as a result I decided to pursue my graduate studies in theological studies.

    This choice is not at all influenced by anyone's pressurizing me nor to please anyone. It was my decision and I can see myself as contributing to the discipline academically and pastorally once I am done with my studies. I also hope to teach in university level on the close religion and society at some point in the near future.

    Thanks for the question.

    Re: Why did you choose your program of study?

    I am currently pursuing a business degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Management. I want to own my business some day and I also had promised my mom (who passed away last October) that I would continue on with my education. All of my classes are online. This semester I am taking Human Resources Management, Small Business Case Analysis, Risk Management and Insurance, and Financial Management. I have 2-3 semesters remaining before I graduate.