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    personal qualities

    created by cheymalmstrom 142 days 6 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: World

    personal qualities

    Hello everyone-

    The new year is upon us, so new year resolutions are in high spirits! The thing I see people wanting to do is change something about themselves.

    My question is- if you could give yourself one more quality without having to put work into it, what would it be?


    Re: personal qualities

    Hi Cheyenne,

    Happy New Year!

    If I could get myself one quality without having to put any effort into it, it would be strength and the ability to deal well with stress. In the last few years, I have struggled with a lot of stress and anxiety, sometimes it would turn into panic attacks, which I could hardly control. My mind went completely negative, and I even felt sick from stress. I realized that I don’t have that strength that I used to have before. I am not able to cope with difficult situations and always get very stressed even over the smallest things.

    I wish that I could learn how to relax, enjoy this life while being able to deal well with stressful situations, think positively and don’t think too much about past or the future. Gaining strength physically and spiritually would help to make my life more meaningful and happier.

    Have a great day!


    Re: personal qualities

    Good afternoon cheymalmstrom,

    Happy New Year!

    I would lose 30 lbs of body fat. Unfortunately, this will take much work. Such is life though.


    Re: personal qualities

    Hi there Cheyenne!
    Ahh finding things about myself that I'd like to change, unfortunately not a hard task for me. If there's one quality I'd like to give myself though I suppose it'd be that I'm able to retain information faster, and study better. I do spend a lot of time studying and dedicated to school but somehow I sometimes always manage to do poorly on tests, no matter how much I studied for it.

    Much love, Elisa

    Re: personal qualities


    If I could, I would be less stubborn. I can get wrapped up in my mind and forget to listen (really, actually listen). I would love to be a more patient, mature friend and partner.

    Thanks for reading,