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    Are you a visual learner?

    created by jdunlap 140 days 22 hours 23 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Are you a visual learner?

    The first half of my day I'll be sitting in a conference and listening to a speaker.
    The second half I'll be taking tours of local businesses.
    I love the speaker however his slides don't follow his handout and I get lost easily.
    Have you experienced this?

    How do you handle it?

    Re: Are you a visual learner?

    Hey jdunlap,

    I am not a visual learner at all. I actually have to try out what the person is saying in order for me to fully grasp something. You could tell me how to do something a million times, but until I actually went out and did it, I won't learn how to do it. I used to be an audio learner so I could hear how to do it and could replicate it, but definitely not anymore.

    I definitely have had teachers that go off of what they're talking about which can be really frustrating. The easiest way I handle stuff like that is by asking questions. I have no shame in asking when I'm confused or if I think that the speaker is going off topic. I can't learn about Burger King if you're talking about McDonalds. So, I would say just ask questions! Not only will it keep the person on topic, but it will also help you understand the content better.

    Have a good one!

    Re: Are you a visual learner?


    I am not a visual learner. For me listening is more important that seeing things. I would memorize things better if I listen rather than see. But, of course, the combination of seeing and listening would work the best for me. It is very important on who the speaker is, if I have a hard time understanding him or her, or maybe they are very boring, it would be difficult to memorize the speech, but I had a chance to enjoy a lot of great speeches from a lot of professors in my school, and learnt a lot from them - their tone of language, enthusiasm, the overall feeling of the environment makes the best learning experience for me. I could close my eyes, but feeling the passion and willingness to help the students would work even without visually seeing it.

    I have done a test whether I am visual, auditory or kinesthetic. I scored the lowest on visual, and most on kinesthetic - which is feelings, and second is auditory - listening to sounds.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Are you a visual learner?

    Good morning jdunlap,

    I am not. I'm stronger in the kinesthetic learning style, which makes lectures and slides useful up to a point. Mostly, they are just references. Once I get my hands on something, it clicks. Thankfully, half of engineering is just that.

    Re: Are you a visual learner?

    Yep. For example, I'm trying to learn Spanish and I'm using Duolingo, which I find very helpful. The visuals are spectacular and it has helped me exponentially to understand and learn Spanish that much faster. I also have a photographic memory, which helps things out that much more as well.

    Re: Are you a visual learner?

    I am a visual learner as long as the visuals make sense and are interesting. I have had professors post slides of nothing but text. That doesn't help me at all. Of course, nothing beats hands on experience for learning.

    Re: Are you a visual learner?

    Hey Jdunlap,

    I think I am a visual learner. I like to draw charts and tables to make sense of concepts. But I am not an extreme case. For Example: I have a friend who is an artist and he sits in the lecture and draw things based on the lecture. And apparently that enables him to remember it. But if I am to look at the picture he drew I wouldn't even get a clue of the ideas of lectures.

    I learn well with visual along with audio. Therefore I use short clips while doing some presentations. Its engages my mind and makes me remember things.


    Re: Are you a visual learner?

    Hey JDunlap!

    I'm actually an auditory learner which means I usually remember everything that I hear the lecturer say. Next in line, I'm a visual learner which means like you, I prefer good visual aids.

    I can imagine that it would be really frustrating if the lecturer doesn't follow his slides-especially if the handouts don't match well either. I'm sure that after a while it would drive me crazy and I would either stop listening to him or following the notes--whichever would be more practical to helping me out haha.

    Thanks for your question!
    Warm Regards,

    Re: Are you a visual learner?

    Hi JDunlap!

    Honestly when I first read this question I was taken aback because I honestly don't know if I'm a visual learner or not! There are some areas where I feel that I would be a visual learner like when I'm trying to learn a new routine in winter guard or if we're setting drill on the football field for the band's fall marching show. However, when I'm trying to learn a new topic in History class or Chemistry, I find that writing important things down or underlining/highlighting things helps me a lot.

    When it comes to your situation with the speaker, I actually find a presentation more enjoyable when the handout varies from the slides on the screen. There are many times where I'll sit in class and everything that's in the presentation is exactly as it is on our paper (how boring!). I think having the extra information keeps me involved and interested so I have something to read if I struggle to focus on the speaker. If you really struggle with it may you could try just focusing on the speaker first and then going back to the handout later for reference or read it after the presentation, that way you're only focusing on one thing at once.


    Re: Are you a visual learner?


    I am very much so a visual learner. Seeing things really helps me understand them!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Are you a visual learner?

    Hey, Jdunlap and all!

    I am a visual learner, I love slides and diagrams and whatnot. Whenever I have tests on visual things I think they're fairly easy and I do well. I have to take notes in lecture because I like looking back at them. If I write it out it helps me remember it better, I'm a kinetic learner in that way.

    If the handout doesn't match the slide I do get a bit bothered haha. However, I'll just make sure that I'm not missing any information. I write notes on handouts anyway, so I'll just add something that's on the slide, but not in the handout. I also make sure I jot down anything important that the professor says so I can have that to look back on.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Are you a visual learner?

    Hello all,

    Yes I am definitely a visual learner. It makes it easy for what you have to do.

    Have a great day!

    Jenelu Rose