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    How does it feel to be winner?

    created by lphillips88 763 days 1 hour 8 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How does it feel to be winner?

    So I recently started maybe a little over a week now and I actually enjoy posting every morning even get a little upset when I reach my limit. Yesterday when I received my email that I had won one of the Rookie Awards I felt so proud of myself and that even makes me want to post everyday.

    Re: How does it feel to be winner?

    Hi there!

    I know exactly how you are feeling and please keep going!! The feeling is amazing and honestly that is what keeps me motivated to keep going each week. After a while, life catches up and you want to skip a week or two, but my best advice is to not stop. Make yourself to keep going!! Cnet is so worth it and I encourage everyone who has won or not to keep posting and voting.

    I remember the first time I won back in June and I've never been so happy to win something. That was the moment I vowed to keep working at Cnet and don't give up. I haven't stopped since and I don't plan on stopping until I reach my limit.

    Have a great day!


    Re: How does it feel to be winner?

    When I first won several years ago it took months of constant posting because only the number one spot won but it was a bigger scholarship. It felt great to win but I like the system now even more. Yes you get it little by little but it's such a motivate each aware you get.

    Never stop posting. You don't win every week and it can be a let down but just work harder and there's no way you'll fail. This site is honestly a blessing and I am so greatful and lucky to have found it.