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    What is your favorite football team?

    created by lphillips88 773 days 1 hour 39 minutes ago

    Category: Sports

    What is your favorite football team?

    Well mines would have to be the Dallas Cowboys...when I was younger my mom brought me a Dallas Cowboys jacket, I was in love with that jacket and knew absolutely nothing about football. As I had gotten older and continued to watch the games I became more interested on what was going on. We had some rough seasons but we never gave up and this year it looks like we maybe able to take the win as long as Prescott stats in the game.
    Let's hear what you guys have to say!!!!!

    Re: What is your favorite football team?

    aww absolutely, Dallas Cowboys are this best.

    Re: What is your favorite football team?

    Hello, lphillips..

    The Cowboys are okay. I've grown up hearing about them, so they're one of the teams at the top of my list..

    But does my favorite have to be NFL?? If not, my favorite football team is the Nebraska Cornhuskers!! I'm from Omaha, NE and we bleed Husker red.. If you come across anybody from NE, you'll see that we all have an unspoken comradery and are really dedicated to the team.. Win, lose, or draw!! We're all laced up in our Nebraska gear from head to toe and we're such a proud people.. Lol

    If it has to be an NFL team, I'd have to say.... .... I guess I'd pick the Cowboys.. I met them before and got to hang out.. they were really nice guys... at least, while they were in the public eye.. I used to be into them when Aikman was the quarterback..

    Now, I'm more about individual players.. Those Manning brothers are something else!! Yes, Peyton retired, so I had to move on.. if I have to pick a whole team, I guess it's the Cowboys..

    Thanks for reading..


    Re: What is your favorite football team?

    Hi lphillips!

    I am a die-hard Packers fan, call me a cheesehead.....I actually do have one!! HA! I grew up in Illinois, but my family is a family of Packer fans, so I was dragged in with all of them. I have packer shirts, jackets, hats, scarves, key chains, you name it....I probably have it!

    I've gone to several Packer games and they are always nuts. Full of bratwurst and drunk people, it's a blast to part of. My boys play tomorrow against the Colts. Wooo

    Have a good day!


    Re: What is your favorite football team?

    Hey all,

    I'm just now becoming a fan of football and am supporting Florida Gators as it's the crazy fervour and slogan here with "Go Gators" and they are amazing champs!!

    Have a great day!