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    Do One Thing Before You Leave

    created by Mi243 788 days 23 hours 43 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do One Thing Before You Leave

    Hi gang,
    I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I had a moment so I wanted to toss this topic out there:

    If there was one thing you could do before you leave...cnet, or your school, or your job, etc. what would it be?

    One of my instructors reminds us that when thinking about caring for someone and what is the most important...break it down to this question...if you could only do one thing before you leave...what would it be?

    So...only one thing you could do...what would it be?

    Re: Do One Thing Before You Leave

    Hey, Mi243!

    Before I step out of my college doors forever, I would want to have the full college experience. I would make sure to have made great friends, joined groups and really make an impact on an important cause. I would want to have contributed to great research for my college as well.

    I would probably spend the last semester visint events I never did in the past and just really taking in the experience of the closing chapter in my life.

    Have a great weekend!

    Re: Do One Thing Before You Leave

    Hey Mike!

    Welcome back! Congratulations on your graduation from C-Net! I'm happy for you! It's been nice knowing you. Will you stay on to vote?

    Before I leave my school I would like to visit each instructor and say "thank you" for all of their help and guidance. Not many teachers get a thank you and the instructors I have in this college really care and do go the extra mile for all of us, so I thought it would be nice to let them know it is appreciated.

    At least that is what I would do before I leave this college.


    Re: Do One Thing Before You Leave


    One thing I want to do before I leave Montana is camp out under the stars in the mountains. I always wanted to go camping and in Montana the stars are very bright and you can see the Northern Lights at higher elevations.

    We will not be living in Montana forever so before we move I really want to do that!


    Re: Do One Thing Before You Leave

    Hey Mike!

    Wow congratulations on becoming a graduate! I hadn't even realized!

    I'd have to agree with Kendra up top. I think having an education is very important thing in life, no matter how old you are, or what kind of status you are currently in. Yes, some things may not apply to what you learned in school, but I feel like education just isn't book smarts all the time; learning things is a holistic process, so you're learning other skills and whatnot while you're learning something.

    That's just my perspective on it.


    Re: Do One Thing Before You Leave

    Hi everyone,
    the one thing that I would do for my mom and children before I live is to open them to talk to a lawyers and have all of my life saving transfer to my mom and state in the will that she is to take care of my children. My life assurance will go to my kids when they are off age to attend University. I honestly think that this the only best thing that I can think off that has value. Have a blessed day.

    Re: Do One Thing Before You Leave

    Hi gang,
    I like what I'm reading. Looks like we've all got pretty good hearts. I wish that everyone gets a chance to do what they want before it's over.

    I'm hoping to change those around me, in some positive way. Be it through example, or through sharing a perspective. So many times we end up learning things from others, without always being aware of it. For many years, I strove to avoid influencing others. In hindsight, I should have tried to stop the tide from coming in, I'd have had better success. It's inevitable that we touch those around us. I want to not be afraid to do that anymore. :)