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    Are you independent?

    created by Abbiey 794 days 17 hours 59 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Are you independent?

    Hello Cnet!

    So now that I started college (a HUGE step for me) and a change!
    I've noticed a lot of things and one of those are that people in my school are really independent. Like you rarely even see a group of friends together like back in high school. Everyone is just scattered all over the place and by themselves. Do you consider yourself independent ? or more social active.

    Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great day!


    Re: Are you independent?

    Hello Abbiey!

    I'm definitely dependent on my parents when it comes to finances and bills. I live at home, and I commute to college. However, I do my own grocery shopping when needed, I pay my computer fees, my commuting expenses, my gas, half of my tuition, and other personal expenses.

    There is no way I can be fully independent. I'm not opposed to the idea of living on my own when it comes to graduate school next year, but thinking of the bills I'll have to pay is just too overwhelming. My best friend has monthly bills of $800+ , but she shares an apartment with two other girls. I prefer having a studio apartment to myself, and based on my calculations, I will have to pay monthly bills that total up to $1500 at least.

    It's great to be independent. But it comes with a ton of debt, responsibility, and problems. I'm trying to enjoy my dependence for now, haha

    sorry for rambling too much.

    Re: Are you independent?

    Hey, Abbiey!

    I'm definitely not socially active. I have my select friends that I communicate with often but besides that, I'm pretty independent. It is hard separating from friends after highschool but it happens all the time. College is a whole new adventure all together. You grow and develop new relationships.

    Re: Are you independent?

    Hi everyone,
    I can be both it just depend on the situation, I love studying in group and other times I go solo. Sometimes being independent can help you to know your own self. The life we used to lived in high school and in our younger years are so special and full of fun time but in college, the weight of studying and doing better weight on them and it make people feel alone. I think we become more independent because most of us must doing well in class, so we need more time to study than hang out with friends and then we run to our jobs to make some money and at the end we really don't have any time left to socialize. Have a great day.

    Re: Are you independent?

    Hey, Abbiey and all!

    I think I can be very independent. As of lately, though, I've been dependent on my boyfriend and one of my friends to help me out with stuff. I help them with stuff too so it goes both ways, but I'm definitely not as independent as I used to be. But I'm sure I could go back to it if I weren't with them all the time haha.

    In my senior year of high school, I realized how independent I could be. After seeing that I had held on to such damaging people, I started to isolate myself in order to weed out the bad. I wanted to have good people in my life, people that helped me grow and strengthened me. I didn't want to be friends with people just to have friends, I wanted to be friends with people who were improving my life. So I kind of cut myself off from a lot of the bullshit so I could focus on myself and focus on making my life better. Senior year I threw myself into my art and I made some of my best pieces ever because of it. I was so focused on doing what I was passionate about that I became really independent. Of course, I still lived with my parents, so I wasn't 100% independent, but that's how I got that strong independent mentality.

    When I started college, damn I really learned independence! I had to do everything by myself and I didn't really have any friends that I started with, so I was alone a lot. I ate so many meals by myself haha! I didn't mind most of the time though because I knew I would get friends and I liked hanging out with myself haha. Because of these things, I can be really independent. But the great thing about it is, you don't have to be if you have good friends or family.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Are you independent?

    Hi Abbiey,
    Here's a bit of feedback to your question...congrats by the way on getting settled in at college. It can be a rough transition. Keep your chin up!

    Do you consider yourself independent ?

    Yes - very much so. Keep in mind, I'm not the typical college student either. I'm 46, and working on my 2nd (3rd?) career. I live with my wife in our condo, and while I have friends from high school and college that I keep in touch with, life has me pretty much on my own.

    I work one shift a week at a local hospital, while studying to become a nurse. My wife is a full time, registered nurse and because our schedules are in constant's somewhat tough to get into habits, like going out on date nights on Saturdays. We both typically work Sundays, for example.

    So...lots of things pulling me in a variety of directions, so being social, unless it's a study group...not happening very much. I've got about 15 months left to get my degree and I suspect I won't get into any patterns or socializing until after it's over.


    Re: Are you independent?

    Hey Abbiey!!

    I would say I am definitely independent. Although I have made some friends on campus, most of the time I am walking around by myself. Since it is such a big campus, with so many people, it is very hard to find people who are heading to the same place at the same time. In high school, on the other hand, there were only so many places to go, so there was always someone to walk with and hang out with.

    I am also very independent when it comes to my planning and financing. While many college students still have their parents helping them figure things out, I have been doing it all on my own for the most part. My dad does contribute money to my education, but it is up to me to find ways to finance most of it.

    Have a great night!