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    Is it okay to be lazy??

    created by alexismae2 797 days 10 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Is it okay to be lazy??

    Hi Cnet Family!

    Today for some reason, I am feeling lazy and just want to relax. After having a busy schedule yesterday, I feel the need to veg out today. So far I've accomplished a couple episodes of Shameless, some readings for my class, and of course Cnet. I really just wish it was Friday and school was over this week.

    So I ask...

    Is being lazy sometimes okay??

    Can you think of a situation in which being lazy was beneficial?

    How often do you get into a lazy mood?

    Can it be a bad thing?

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Re: Is it okay to be lazy??

    Hi Alexis,

    Since I'm feeling lazy...I thought I would chime in on your forum. Here's some feedback:

    Is being lazy sometimes okay?? Yes, absolutely. I try to do it as often as possible. Unless I'm being paid. ;P

    Can you think of a situation in which being lazy was beneficial? Yes. There were a few times when I had instructors change assignments at the beginning of the semester for various reasons. So in those situations, being early or quick to get work done would have been a waste of time, because of the changes.

    How often do you get into a lazy mood? Multiple times per day, most of the time during the semester.

    Can it be a bad thing? Absolutely. Anything taken to excess can be bad for you.


    Re: Is it okay to be lazy??


    Gosh, being lazy is one of those things that is so wrong but feels so good.

    Because I'm not only lazy but a procrastinator as well, I had to chant to myself sometimes "procrastination is a sin." The quicker I got things done, I discovered, the more time I had to be lazy!

    Yes! It's true!

    The key to being an efficient lazy is to work quick and hard! Took me a while to get there, but it's definitely working. Sometimes I get caught in its trap though and end up pushing a whole week's worth of work into five hours.

    That's when being lazy can be bad because you get stressed. Your work tends to be mediocre. It's no longer about quality rather it's quantity.

    It's definitely one of the reasons why this one grade is really bogging me down...

    Sometimes, when I felt lazy, I put work off. It turns out that this one time, because I took my sweet time, I was able to meet various changes in a paper's requirement.

    All well! C'est la vie!

    Good night!

    Re: Is it okay to be lazy??

    I'm not saying it's okay to be lazy, but it's okay to take breaks. Like we all need to be healthy and have a good mental state, so we shouldn't work ourselves too much. Like sometimes I feel like some people get being lazy and taking a break mixed up.

    Re: Is it okay to be lazy??


    Being lazy is almost synonymous with just taking a break and they are both crucial to maintaining your mental health. No one can work at 100% their entire lives. It's just not plausible. You need to sit back, take a break, and just let your mind relax a little bit. However, there are instances when laziness can be a bad thing. If someone took too many breaks and didn't put effort into their work, then of course this would be a bad thing.

    I try to give myself about an hour every day to just be lazy. If I didn't have this time for myself then I really don't know how I would get through all of my school work. But I have to always make sure I don't take it too far.

    Have a great rest of your week!

    Re: Is it okay to be lazy??

    Hey Alexis!

    I love having lazy days! I live for them. Having lazy days is good for us. If we work too much for too long, then we get kind of worn down. We've all been too overworked, which causes us to lose motivation and just want to lay down and die. So having a lazy day every now and then is definitely beneficial for us.

    I'm in a lazy mood about half the time. I love the times when I'm in a good and motivational mood! It's nice feeling like I can accomplish the world and be productive. The other half of the time, I just want to lie down and never move. These lazy times can be awful if they are during the wrong time! Having lazy moods during finals is the worst. You want to do nothing, but you know that you have to do something! Ugh, it's the worst.

    Hope you enjoyed your lazy day!


    Re: Is it okay to be lazy??

    Hey Alexis!!

    I think laziness is completely fine if someone is only lazy every once and a while. Everyone deserves a break from having to be productive and on top of things, and being lazy for a little bit can be that break.

    In some cases, a somewhat lazy person is okay because they can still get quite a bit accomplished. As Bill Gates said ".. choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Being perpetually lazy, on the other hand, isn't a good thing. People who are always lazy do no good for themselves or for others. Someone who is perpetually lazy won't even find an easier way to do a hard job.

    In the past, being lazy has actually helped me out quite a bit. Because of my tendency to be lazy sometimes, I have gotten very good at working smarter, not harder. By doing this, I have saved a ton of time and stress.

    Have a lovely night!


    Re: Is it okay to be lazy??

    Hey Alexis!

    I think lazy days are must for humans. If we don't have lazy days, like Ryan said, we would get overworked and too tired to be doing anything.

    Lazy days are honestly the best days. You don't have to do anything, and no one really asks you to do anything! You can catch up on whatever you've missed and get ahead in whatever you were working on or doing. Whenever I have a lazy day, I usually spend it playing video games, watching movies, or practicing my guitar. Sometimes I do it all since I have so much time!

    Re: Is it okay to be lazy??

    Hey Alexis and all!

    I am all for a "Lazy Day" routinely being scheduled in! We all need this to mentally and physically regroup. It's all for the betterment of our health, too. I realized how bad off my schedule was when one week I realized I did not take enough time to shave or do my eyebrows! LOL! There's a first! Enough of being this busy!

    I try my best to schedule in a "Lazy Day" once a week. That, however, has not totally worked out for me. My schedule is crazy busy and I am lucky if I can get a half day of laziness now, but I'll take that!

    How do I spend my lazy day? Any way I want to! Shaving and eyebrows come first now on this day. LOL! Then I usually get some "fun food" that I have not had for a while and enjoy that. I'll go shopping, even if just window shopping, or I'll do something that I haven't been able to do for a while, such as ride my bike around the park or lake area. Basically, whatever is not school oriented. My regrouping is to break away from that aspect of my life and enjoy something that eases my mind so I can regenerate some energy.

    I may not get an entire day of laziness these days, but whatever I can get in I will take and make the most of it! So far a half of a day has still worked out for me. I think the whole aspect of me concentrating on anything BUT school has been the most benefit to me on this half day of laziness.

    I plan to continue this, too! All of you feel free to join Alexis and I in regrouping for your health and well-being! We need this and we all earned it and we're worth it!.



    Re: Is it okay to be lazy??

    Hi everyone,
    Being lazy is not a good thing but everyone feels lazy sometimes. I replace the word lazy by relaxing.... I get lazy from time to time after a long day at work , all I want to do is go to bed and take a long nap and I honestly don't see anything wrong with that. A lazy person invented the remote control that we now use to turn the TV channel ... so I guess being lazy from time to time ought to be accepted. Being lazy all the time is where the harm is for you don't never get anything done with that feeling or state of mind. Have a wonderful day.