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    Cuddles for money$$!!!!

    created by Celii 797 days 12 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Cuddles for money$$!!!!

    Happy Wednesday everyone!!

    I have been hearing on the news a few stories of people "cuddling" as an actual job. Like, there are really people out there who are willing to get paid to cuddle with perfect strangers and these people dont mind paying either.

    I find this a little bizarre. I mean, I know the struggle is real, but i could not cuddle with a complete stranger, I would be too scared.

    What do you think? Do you like this "job"? Would you do it?

    How would you feel cuddling for money with complete strangers?

    Do you think some people would take advantage of the situation?

    Give me your thoughts!! ♥


    Re: Cuddles for money$$!!!!


    I'm actually not surprised by this at all! In Japan, I know that they have strangers who make you cry, and even companies may hire them to help relieve workplace stress. Then you have hosts and "buy a boyfriend" services. They're kind of weird!

    I'm not one to knock down a job. Plus, I think some of these services are hilarious or really cute...but I wouldn't hire nor will I see myself working in any of these professions. I'm a little put off by people entering my personal space, especially strangers!

    And oh yeah, people would totally take advantage! It happens everywhere and in everything. But hey, I'd rather know that there's an opportunity for a pure-intentioned human rather than eliminate the opportunities for a, I'm sure, minority.

    Haha, these are really silly though!

    (I can just see myself there:Ya wanna cuddle? C'mon, give me a cuddle~

    (Except less creepy, I swear I'm done lol)

    Have a great day!

    Re: Cuddles for money$$!!!!

    Hey, Celii!!

    I've actually heard of this.. I would do it!! I would cuddle my clients so hard (or soft, whichever they preferred)!! Of course, it depends on how lucrative the business is before I sign up.. I need to start on a a commission or paycheck type deal, so that I'll be able to build up my clientele before flying solo. Everyone would be telling their friends about me..

    I'd call myself the King of Kuddles and have the coolest logo!! Lol As long as this business paid very well, I would do it in a heartbeat. Now, we would definitely have to establish ground rules.. We have the right to refuse service to anyone, so I'd be very rejecting of people who smell or people who get a little too handsy...

    On the other hand, would I pay to be cuddled by an absolute stranger?? Absolutely not!! That just seems creepy.. and I know you've been cuddling people all day in those same clothes, so you probably have carried over most of those smells and germ from other people.. No, thank you!! :-(

    Double standard, yes I know.. Ha!! But that's my truth..

    Have a great evening.


    Re: Cuddles for money$$!!!!

    Hi Celii,
    I can understand your point of view. The idea of cuddling with someone I don't know is odd. At the same time, getting a lap dance from a stranger in a strip club is a bit odd too, yet that's being done all the time across the country and the world. Seems that times are changing. :)