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    What Scares Me

    created by Mi243 799 days 1 hour 59 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What Scares Me

    Hi gang,
    So in honor of the month that's set aside to give us chills and frights, I'd like to do a forum regarding fears.

    What scares you?

    Give me 3 things that scare you. They can be real or imagined.


    Re: What Scares Me


    I don't really fear a lot, because I haven't experienced as much, but here it goes.

    1) Maggots. HATE THEM. You know they can hatch underneath your skin and just hang here till they literally crawl out of you!? That's disgusting. May luck be on my side when I encounter a dirty little maggot, 'cause one of us is going down. Hard.

    Hate. Them.

    (I do not think you will understand my hate for them.)

    2) Damn clowns. Especially with those sightings. A user in Facebook dressed as a clown announced they will be coming to my area. Fake or not, they're in for a little South Side Chicago welcome, if you know what I mean...

    Also, who wasn't afraid of "It?" Those teeth are chilling. Or that clown from American Horror Story.

    3) you know that Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth? Nope.


    Still a great movie, but the monster is horrific...he bit those little fairies' heads off :'(

    This was such a fun post! I'm always ready to jump on anything Halloween.

    And anyways, I believe nothing is scarier than what our minds conjure up from the nothing. Psychological Horror for the win!!

    Have a great day!

    Re: What Scares Me

    The deep ocean scares me. I really don't like the idea that there could be anything, absolutely anything, underneath you at any time. The water is so deep and there are so many unknown things under its surface. I've only been out in the deep ocean a few times but every time I kinda freak out. I know its irrational but I can't help imagining that everything in the ocean is directly under me, waiting to sink whatever boat I'm on.

    I also have a rather irrational fear of people standing directly behind me. It bothers me most if I know that someone is behind me but I can't quite see them. I don't like anyone reading over my shoulder or looking at the computer screen while I type.

    My third fear is something more of a trust issue than a fear, but I don't really like giving other people my stuff to take care of. I am always nervous when someone else watches my fish when I'm out of town. Or if I leave something valuable with someone or let them borrow it, i cant help but think of all the terrible ways that could go wrong.

    Re: What Scares Me

    Hi Mike...

    Last post for tonight. I'm exhauasted

    I'll go with:

    1. Ghosts/spirits
    2. Creepy people.... they're just weird
    3. Dead people lol


    Re: What Scares Me

    Hey Mike!

    What a lovely time of year it is!!

    Anyway, here are three things that scare me.

    1. Situations where I can't move- I hate being confined in spaces where I don't have a full range of motion. For example: I get nervous if I am in a tight tunnel where I can't move my arms, or even just when I am wearing a thick jacket that won't let me move freely.

    2. Swimming in an ocean with little visibility- When it comes to swimming in the ocean, I am completely fine if I can see into the water or touch the ground. If I can't do either of these, I get uncomfortable.

    3. Quick stops in traffic- This isn't so much a fear as it is a high level of mistrust. Since I have been rear-ended twice in the last year, I now feel like I will be rear-ended every time I come to a moderately quick stop.

    Have a great night!


    Re: What Scares Me

    Hi gang,
    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on scary stuff. I appreciate it. I also enjoyed reading the variety of things that were on your minds. From the real to the not-so-real, or even the things that haven't happened, but could. I really like the directions you ran with.

    As for no particular order,

    1) Going insane - simply not being able to control my mind is a fear I have.

    2) Dogs above a miniature type in size. Anything bigger than that and I've got issues. I got attacked a few years back and I'm touchy about dogs these days.

    3) Being choked. I was choked about 20 years ago, and it drove me nuts. Since then I have a knee-jerk reaction to anyone or anything squeezing my neck. I get overly, out of control violent. I don't care who does it, why or where we are, if I can, I will hospitalize you if you mess with my neck.


    Re: What Scares Me

    Hi Mike!!!

    I am not scared easily but there are a few things that do creep me out:

    1. Snakes. I absolutely hate and I am petrified of snakes. It's really not that I am scared of them, okay maybe yeah. I dont know why I just cant even think about snakes! They creep me out. Even pictures of snakes make me panic and make me go want to hide somewhere and not come out. I used to have nightmares with snakes almost everyday - I would dream that there were hundreds of snakes on my bed :( :( :( It was the worst!

    2. Getting into a serious car crash or dying in a car crash. I like to drive and it does not scare me to drive. But the thought of me getting into a crazy car accident or dying in a crazy car accident freaks me out and makes me want to break down and cry. There are some crazy stories out there of bad car accidents and I would never want to be in one.

    3. Now that I have a baby (he is almost 5 months now) - anything that can happen to him or anything that can separate me from him terrifies me. I never thought I could love a little person so much!

    Thanks!! ♥

    Re: What Scares Me

    Let's see:

    1. Fish. Not fish on my plate or fish in an aquarium but fish in a body of water that I am swimming in. It really freaks me out to know that their could be fish swimming right next to me and I can't see them.

    2. Horses. I have no idea why. They are big and I always feel like they might kick me. Definitely irrational.

    3. Poverty. When I was very young we were really, really poor. I am always paranoid about that. It can happen so easily and once your poor you have very little options for getting out of it.


    Re: What Scares Me

    Things I'm scared of
    3.ugly bugs

    Re: What Scares Me

    Hi gang,
    Thanks for the continued posts on the forum. I'm enjoying reading what gives you the creeps or scares you. I just noticed that one of my classes actually scares the hell out of me. I should have put Adult Health and Wellness II on my list. Happy Halloween and thanks for the all the support and votes.