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    SEX TALK: Prude or out there...

    created by NamasteGal 798 days 12 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: World

    SEX TALK: Prude or out there...

    Are you open to talk about this?

    Go for it....

    I was prude when young.

    Once I hit 25-30, I was out there.

    I am now prude again.

    But not bashful, sex is beautiful and is an experience that needs to be with a person you can trust.

    What about you?

    Do you dress sexy?

    How do you describe your sexuality?

    Are you overt, or mysterious?

    Are you innocent or wild?

    Do you think this is an inappropriate or appropriate forum?

    Sex is beautiful and I believe it should be talked about. Respectfully.
    I was never told what it was or was able to talk about it.

    Where do you stand?

    Re: SEX TALK: Prude or out there...

    Yes yes yes....thank you for a fun topic!!

    My story is a bit like yours, I think. I was kind of oblivious for a long time about sex; it seemed like a scary, obscure thing to do. Honestly, I could not even imagine ever having sex :). I know, right?? Well, obviously that changed, LOL. When I was a young adult I discovered what sex was like, and it was just so unbelievably interesting. I was very curious.

    Then, I had kids....that did change my sex life a bit. I was just tired all the time. But, at some point, things turned around again, and now I am living a happy middle ground. Not too much, not too little - just right :).

    Do you dress sexy?

    I definitely discovered the joy of dressing sexy in my twenties. It was fun, and I still like looking at some of my pictures from that time. Even now, I still like to wear cute heels, and do my hair and nails when I go out to a special occasion. I am in my forties, but I am not dead :)! It's still fun.

    How do you describe your sexuality?

    Well-rounded. Happy with the experience. At a good point in my life with it.

    Are you overt, or mysterious?

    I could be both, when flirting.

    Are you innocent or wild?

    I could be both.

    Do you think this is an inappropriate or appropriate forum?

    No!!! It is fine, we are adults. Sex is a big part of life...everyone has to figure out their sexual journey.
    It is perfectly fine to talk about!

    Have a lovely day :)

    Re: SEX TALK: Prude or out there...

    I second Aurora! As hard as it may seem to believe, I love talking about sex, despite never even full-on kissing someone lol!

    First, in regards to sex, I don't want any. At least, not right now. I haven't thought about sex with anyone (nor anywhere) nor have I ever felt the need to have sex. I guess I'll be a late bloomer...sigh...

    Now! On to the fun stuff! My sexuality is pretty nonexistent right now. I do not find men or women attractive, I'll say they're pretty or beautiful (don't know what hot is, don't know about handsome...for the most part). I'm like the most virgin virgin you'll ever meet!

    I do not dress sexy, though I would love to wear dresses and skirts and all that jazz. Right now I can't for two reasons: 1) I'm in the process of moving to college so I'm still living with my parents, and my dad is a super traditional, prudish guy...meh! and 2) I'm not comfortable enough yet. I'm not even in my twenties yet so I got time to get there, but I do want to enjoy my youth and you know...flaunt it a little! Have a little fun! MaDonna's forum really struck a cord with me and I realized that I do always feel left behind, like I'm barely catching up...

    As a writer, I tend to veer towards more mature works. I read about sex and I write some sex scenes, there's no shame. Then again, these are tragic sex scenes...

    I LOVE thinking of myself as a potential sex-mystery lol. Maybe I'll change in the future, but right now I'm kinda really traditional. I probably wouldn't like the idea of a long, deep kiss on the first date (but then why do I like teasing and messing with boys? Who knows! I have fun messing with guys a little...just being a conservative tease lol).

    If I really get into the nitty-gritty I find sex to be a little gross, and that's because I have some sort of OCD or something. I don't think I like the idea of someone sweating on me...oh god, typing this has me blushing a little.

    When confronted with an actual possibility, no hint of joking, I do get shy and embarrassed. I've completely cut guys off when I realized they showed a little too much interest in me.

    I would love to be a little more free and a little more...wild. I'm working on it, but I also can't change who I am. It'll have to be a comprise. One day, I swear!

    This was such a fun forum! We should have like CNET sex week or something! I'm an open book as long as it doesn't drag my (future) sex life. But we're all mature so screw it (literally!) lol

    - :)

    Re: SEX TALK: Prude or out there...

    Hi everyone,
    I love this topic.
    Growing up in my twenties , I was very Prude. I was also shy to the point that my boyfriend couldn't kiss me in public or in front of our friends. As I grew up more sex become something that I venture into easily as long as I trust that person. I dress really sexy but also respectfully at the same time. I never have my boobs or stomach hanging out. The people that I've been with said that I am very wild in bed. My ex used to say that I am a freak , you go figure I don't know why he used to say that but I think that it is a good thing. I like trying new things so adventure and sex is my thing but I am a one woman one man person. I can't share and there must be physical attraction and sex for a man to row my boat. Have a wonderful day.

    Re: SEX TALK: Prude or out there...


    I think when I was younger (I am 34yrs old) I was more into experimenting and trying new things! Now that I am older and more "mature" I think I am more of a prude. When I was younger- I was invincible, I was more into trying new positions, dressing up, getting kinky, maybe a little light bondage, I might have done it in some pretty RISKY places which may or may not have been public, I was more open to things brought to the table!
    Now that I am older I feel like I kind of found what worked for me- what I like, how I like it and that's that!! I am not saying I agree with this state of mind and not saying that I won't be open to "spicing" it up as time goes on but I definitely have noticed that the things I was once into trying and doing, I just might not be that into anymore!!
    Boy oh boy, I must say I have had some fun though...

    Hahaha... Great topic, what a way to get people out of their shell!!!