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    1 post a day to vote...slowing down..temporarily

    created by NamasteGal 801 days 7 hours 38 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    1 post a day to vote...slowing down..temporarily

    Hey my CNet Friends:

    So, last week, my daughter was really sick in the hospital, and now she's better after a 1 1/2 weeks of rest. Phew. However, I am prioritizing.

    I am leaving Cnet for awhile, as I have been thinking about doing this for the passed two weeks. I have to do makeup work at my job, I have three midterm exams and a paper to think about, and my kiddies are a HUGE part as well, as I need to focus on their cuteness and needs. My hubby and I will spend some time together. My birthday is around the corner and I think I want to limit my face hidden in the computer for a little bit.
    However, I will post once a day to vote on people and keep in contact as I really have grown attached to this site. I will be back in full throttle soon.

    I'll be around!! Just not as full force as i usually am, but I have to say

    I am addicted to CNET.
    PS How do you deal with the disbursement? They send an email about it? so confused!

    anyway, Sending lots of love to you all!
    XO NaMo

    Re: 1 post a day to vote...slowing down..temporarily

    Hey NaMo,

    So glad your little one is on the way back to health!!! That is fantastic news. I totally understand the need for a CNET break; sometimes our priorities need to change for a while. I took a few breaks, and I assure you, you will be fine coming back. I know exactly what you mean about your face being hidden in the computer…my husband recently coined the phrase “(in)accessible mommy”. Basically, when I am at my laptop, writing for school or CNET, I am completely inaccessible to my kids and husband. And, they do get frustrated with that.

    In regards to your question about the End of Quarter Email: When did you get it? Would you mind posting about it? I haven’t gotten mine yet, for this past quarter. This happened to me once before, so I may have to contact CNET.

    Here are some forum threads that dealt with this issue. If you read through them, you should be able to figure things out. It sounds complicated, but isn’t too bad. I am going to just list the links:

    You have to make an account with Applyweb. Just click on the link in the email. You have to fill out the “Winner acknowledgement form”. You should have received your “Unique Winners ID” number in the email; copy and paste that into the appropriate field on the Winners acknowledgement form.

    Then you will have to fill out an “Enrollment Verification” form that you need to email your school’s FA office. The FA office will then communicate back and forth with CNET directly. Eventually, CNET will send a check with your accumulated winnings to your college, and student accounts will process it. Your check should be $2100, since you had 7 wins! Congrats!!!

    Just make sure you do this as soon as possible!

    You can contact the current CNET scholarship coordinator at

    Re: 1 post a day to vote...slowing down..temporarily

    Hey Aurora!!

    Thanks for filling in the blanks for me!! I have not gotten the email yet and I wasn't sure if I had to contact them. The disbursement is still all new to me. So your reply was vital for me..thank you!!! I will email Sara and hopefully I won't seem too green:)

    Also, my hubby told me to finish off this week:) And then take the break I guess that makes sense, i've been missing posts for the last few days because of balance, but I will finish off this week. I may return to this again, to ask questions, but this thread is by far the most hopeful. I took a look a the other threads too that you gave, because I didn't even think about having to add them to my taxes and FAFSA Info. I am also applying for my Masters for Fall of next year.

    Ok.. so my real break will be Wednesday.

    Aurora-you are the best as I know that using up your post takes for this takes up votes. This speaks volumes of who you are and you are one of my favorites for sure!!!!
    XO NaMo