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    Would you fight for something u believe in?

    created by NamasteGal 803 days 4 hours 59 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Would you fight for something u believe in?

    We all have strong convictions for certain things.
    For some it's gay rights, abortion, vaccines, Etc.
    What would you fight for?

    I am advocating in the state of Florida to better teacher training for ESE special Ed teachers in mandating more regulations and so kids who have disabilities are not left with teachers who have no credentials for Special Ed or ABA
    It's happening.
    What's in your heart?!??
    Xo NaMo

    Re: Would you fight for something u believe in?

    Hey, NaMo!

    I would most definitely fight for things I believe in. My most meaningful fights would be against any kind of violence or hatred against others. I believe that every single human being (or other living thing) is equal, and all of our lives matter. I get furious when I hear about deaths due to racism, sexism, cissexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. I am also really passionate about bringing to light the severity of rape on college campuses (and elsewhere). Although I'm not currently advocating for the end of these injustices, I still feel like I'm fighting for them in small ways. I'm learning so much about gender and the role it plays in our society through my Women, Ethnicity, and Gender Identity class. My eyes have been opened up to so many issues that I was never aware of before. With this new knowledge, I can talk about it with other people and inform them as well. I think one of the big problems that occur with these issues is so many people aren't even aware of them because the media doesn't give accurate representations of the situation, of they do give any representations at all. Like I said, I didn't even know about a lot of these problems. I feel like I'm kind of fighting for what I believe in by learning about it and rejecting the way that media stifles it.

    Last year, I was part of a small silent march at my college to fight for the awareness of rape on college campuses. Our message was that "we will be silent no more". There are far too many times when rape goes unreported (because the victim is afraid of what will happen to them) and unpunished (the victim brings it to the school and they do nothing about it). Schools sweep it under the rug because they don't want to look bad and then rapists get away with what they've done and continue to walk around campus. My peers and I organized this march to raise awareness around this issue. Our posters had facts and quotes from victims to show people the severity of the situation.

    I want to continue to fight for what I believe in, whether it's by just doing my own research or actually going out in my community and protesting.

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: Would you fight for something u believe in?

    Hey, NaMo..

    I'm sorry you're struggling with all of that.. Of course, I understand the frustration in trying to find a place in which your child fits best... s place where he/she will be able to progress and the teachers are involved for the right reasons.. thankfully, my son's school teachers and staff have have been amazing.. His first year of school was a nightmare!! They called me daily to come and get him bc they couldn't handle him, but he switched schools and has consistently progressed since.. That's literally the only reason I'm still here... keep fighting!! Our kids deserve a chance... As my mom and best friend say, I'm ALWAYS playing devil's advocate and fighting for the little guy..

    So, for me, it's equal rights.. People of color, gays, women, etc... And with my job, I advocate for children... for them to have the best care, be fed, living in safe environments, etc.. Either I'm just mean or I really believe that people should have a fair chance at life.. it could be a little of both!! Lol

    I speak with cops at my job on a regular basis, but I've also been in a protest here in town... BLM movement.. I remember back to when I first moved here.. I used to tell my friend how the only time I hear about people being killed here, it's at the hands of police.. and that brought me a level of comfort, sadly.. I could be in my hometown where we kill each other, or I could stay here, crime free, and not have to worry about death as much.. Not so much anymore... We had a community cookout, addressed issues and concerns, but I haven't seen any implementation quite yet...

    Thanks for reading..