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    Do you hold grudges or let go? forgive or not?

    created by NamasteGal 803 days 18 hours 12 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you hold grudges or let go? forgive or not?

    Hey Cnetters:

    What how do you handle anger over a situation or action that may really upset you?

    if someone lies...

    If someone screams at you...

    If someone is passive aggressive...

    If someone back hands you with a statement..

    If someone cheats once....or more...

    If someone flat out makes a huge mistake...

    if someone hurts you...or a loved one....

    if someone is fake....

    You tell me a situation and how you handled it.

    I find that i can be very forgiving and let go, but 2 or 3 times of the same action, shame on me.......I can forgive but never forget..

    Re: Do you hold grudges or let go? forgive or not?

    Hey there!

    If someone does me wrong I get them a gift!
    A gift of sugar free gummies. (check out the Amazon reviews for Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bears to really understand. ;-) )

    Besides that generous gift of endearment, I usually find it hard to let go of something if it hurt or bothered me enough. I try to express my feelings in as logical and unattacking as possible, just to see how they respond to knowing my feelings. It usually ends with them not caring or blaming other situations for why they did or said what they said. At that point, I hold a grudge.

    After a while I find it easier to push the grudge aside until it repeats and it usually ends up destroying the relationship because I can't be in a friendship or other when it seems to be one sided and the communication isn't working.

    Re: Do you hold grudges or let go? forgive or not?

    Hey NaMo, yes you may call me Mac!

    Please don't judge me...I want to say that I'm forgiving, and I generally am when it comes to my parents and sister, but with others, including my brother....not so much...

    I don't know, it isn't necessarily that I hold a grudge, it's more like they're deleted. I don't think about them. I'm also not nice to them either. If we have problems, if we don't like each other, there's no way I'm going to stick around and fake it. No, I have better things to do!

    However, like with my parents, I really want to understand why. I think understanding is as close to forgiveness as I can get. And I may still not forgive you, but I have a bit of perspective.

    If I have SO much beef with them that they're breathing irritates me, I'm gonna get petty. There's no other way around it.

    So yes, I don't forgive easily, but I do "delete." There's too much on my plate right now to be angry at anybody and anything! That anger is not gonna write my essays nor is it going to get me that "A" I really want!

    (Yes, I do prioritize my anger lol)

    I don't remember who taught me that perspective thing, it might have been you, but it really is freeing. I guess we do have to understand the failures of another to move on from our own. We'll continue to grow until we die, and so I can only hope for the best and the best for others. It's too short a life to pour energy into someone else, especially when you're left with nothing.

    Have a great day!