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    CNET: How do you keep going?!?

    created by NamasteGal 806 days 10 hours 59 minutes ago

    Category: World

    CNET: How do you keep going?!?

    Its been a tough three days with my 5 year old in the hospital and she is getting better and we are bound to go home to recover:)

    It got me thinking about how, we as CNETTERs, have so much on our plates these days, how do we keep going even when it seems like one of our classes is way too hard, or you worked a late shift, or just trying to make ends meet?!?!

    I want to hear your story, simple or complex!!!!
    Update: strong virus with hives and fevers and dehydrations and UTI

    she's ok:)

    XO Namo

    Re: CNET: How do you keep going?!?

    Hello Namo!

    With everything I have experienced so far in life, I am able to keep going just by thinking of my goals for the future. I have a strong will to succeed, and that will will push me past almost everything. With that being said, I must also add that I have never actually experienced any huge obstacles in life, so I can't be positive about how I will handle them in the future. I tell myself that i will overcome all obstacles, but I can't know for sure until I actually encounter them.

    As for CNET, I have never had very much difficulty keeping up with the site in the past, and I don't think it will ever happen the future. What I have realized is that even if I have an extremely busy day, there is always time left for me to make a few posts. If I have absolutely no free time, I will end up losing twenty minutes of sleep and posting quickly right before I fall asleep. This isn't ideal, but luckily it doesn't have to happen very often. If I know that I will have a busy day, I will make a couple posts in the morning, and then posts later in the day when I find time.

    I hope your day has been going well!


    Re: CNET: How do you keep going?!?

    Hey NaMo!

    Glad to hear your daughter is doing better!

    Some days I have no motivation to do my posts and voting. Today is definitely one of those days! It's not necessarily a busy day, but I just don't have the will to do it. My mind is caught up on a few things, so I guess I'm just too distracted (and also lazy) to do my posts today, but I'm doing it! Other days, I'm just extremely busy and have about eight hours of homework. Those days I put off my posts until as late as I possibly can, then hope there is still time in the day to do them. Two nights ago I did this and didn't get to posting until 11 PM, but I did it!

    Like Ashley, I keep in mind my goals. Although I might not be feeling it today, I know that tomorrow I will regret it if I don't do what needs to be done to achieve my goals. My goal with this site is to share some great ideas and also get some scholarships, of course. I keep my goals in mind and try to stay positive. Posting on here can actually be very relaxing, stress relieving, and informative!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: CNET: How do you keep going?!?


    I'm glad your daughter is doing much better!

    In my short sixteen years of life I have found that the only way to get through the hard times is to keep pushing and pushing. I am growing up in an area where the majority of teenagers live off of their parents wealth and have no sense of reality. I, however, am much different. My parents barely get by as it is, but they have left me with the responsibility to feed myself every meal, pay for educational expenses out of my own pocket, figure out transportation while I am yet to get my license, clothe myself, schedule my own appointment, etc. I am forced to be an adult on little income and little support as I am surrounded by spoiled teenagers who are rewarded with BMW's and Audi's for their 16th birthday. My circumstances aren't easy, but what gets me through this time is I think about how far I have come and how far I still have to go. I cannot give up now while I have accomplished so much in so little time. It is so important to stay positive and work as hard as you can when times get rough so you can look back and know you put your all into that time in your life.

    Everyone deserves a break or to get in a slump, but you must pick yourself back up. Wherever you are in life, there is always someone working harder. Work harder than anyone around you and harder than you ever thought you could.

    Re: CNET: How do you keep going?!?

    Good morning :)

    I hope your daughter is continuing to get well! Poor baby, it is the worst when they are sick.

    How do I keep, coffee, and coffee, lol! I try to get enough sleep every night, I need at least 5 hours to function. So, sleep is important. Without sleep my brain can't work.

    Eating on a regular schedule helps; I try to have small meals 5 to 6 times a day (a "meal" might be as simple as a handful of almonds and a yogurt. or a piece of avocado toast with egg and tomatoes). Keeping my blood sugar stable helps me stay awake, and focused.

    I also have a pretty structured schedule. I make lists every night for the next day, and I have a big master schedule on my fridge, with the whole family's appointments for the month. That kind of structure helps me to just keep going from point A, to B, to C, etc. throughout the day. I don't even think about it, I just follow the schedule. CNET just blends into that schedule somehow.

    Now, this is all good and well, until life throws you a curve ball, such as, in this case, your little one getting sick! Not only are you now emotionally stressed (worry, anxiety), but your whole routine gets affected. On those days/weeks, it is very difficult to keep up with regular stuff. What I do is this: When one of the kids gets sick, I take a look at my list, and cut out what doesn't absolutely need to get done. It is usually laundry, house work, cooking, grocery shopping, and running errands. Those things can wait a few days.

    When a kid gets sick I just go into "survival" mode, doing what's absolutely necessary. Sometimes that means taking a break from CNET for a week. That extra hour/2 hours per day that I spend on CNET might just be too much some weeks.

    I hope she gets back to perfect health soon! Make sure you take care of yourself!!! Eat, drink water, get know the drill :)

    Re: CNET: How do you keep going?!?

    I pray that your child gets better very soon. I can only imagine how much work you have on your hands right at this moment for I also have 2 little boys, I work and then I work some more so at the end of the day I feel like taking a cruise and run away from my issues and responsibilities. I have a to do list for a every week and I prioritize what is more important and I go by that list. The list truly help me to keep up and to remember what is important , what I must do first every morning until night fall. I am the cook, the maid , the nanny, I have to also work and make money so that I can pay the bills and then I still have to be a full time mom 24/7. I finish school so now I am focusing a bit more on work, kids and other important things in my life but really, it isn't easy. Hang in there and pray a lot also. Have a wonderful day, I will keep you in my prayers.

    Re: CNET: How do you keep going?!?


    God, my faith, my mom, and hope. #NeverGiveUp

    Praying for your daughter.


    Re: CNET: How do you keep going?!?

    Hi there NaMo! I really hope your daughter is feeling and doing better and I pray that she continues to get well!

    It really sucks when babies and kids get sick. My four-month old was a little sick last week and it was so dreadful! I could not sleep and it just hurt to see him, stuffy, congested, with fever and not being able to sleep because of his breathing :(

    It has been a hard couple of week, but thank God I have managed to be strong and keep going. Coming back to work after being home with my baby has really hard! I was so worried and stressed about having to leave him and not knowing how he would be from 7am - 5pm while I am at work. It is so hard!!

    What keeps me going is first off having faith in my God that things will always be okay and work in my favor, I know it is hard to always have a positive mind but it really helps.

    Also my husband and my baby keep me going. Knowing that we are working hard on building something of our own is important for us and we have to work work work in order to save money and be able to have our own place soon.

    Thank you for sharing! ♥