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    What are some of your Christmas traditions?

    created by mal31408 3990 days 19 hours 2 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What are some of your Christmas traditions?

    My family doesn't have much traditions. Sometimes we get a present on Christmas Eve but thats about it. How about everyone else?

    Re: What are some of your Christmas traditions?

    Mine either. We just exchange presents, eat together, and talk a lot. Music is always present as well but sometimes i feel like dancing.

    p.s. I always take lots of pictures!

    Re: What are some of your Christmas traditions?

    We had a lot of traditions when the kids were younger and they have evolved over the years.

    When they were young we did do the Santa thing but we taught them about what Santa represents, not just that he brings presents. And I don't care what any parent says, a lot are glad for the "Santa is watching and won't bring you and presents for Christmas" line to invoke a behavior or discourage a certain behavior. We have a big movement right now about not lying to children about Santa - that he is make believe and has nothing to do with the birth of Christ.

    We go to a tree farm and cut our tree and then go out to dinner. Then with egg nog and popcorn in hand, we decorate the tree and watch "Muppet Christmas Carol." We went to pop in the Muppet's Christmas yesterday and eeeekkkkk our VCR has finally bit the dust. Yes, we have quite a few VCR taped movies from that era. Anyway, I stop after church at Best Buy. I figure if there is a CD of Muppets they'd have it. Well, no dice. aaaaaaa

    Last night I found it on line and ordered it. It is on its way as we read/type. It is the 50th anniversary edition in honor of Kermit's 50th birthday. wow. We figure there is no sense in buying a new VCR because they don't make tapes anymore. Now just gotta find a way to transfer what we have onto CD.

    Christmas Eve we are involved in at least one of the church services - our church has 3. Between services we gather at a friends home which is just down the street from church. that way we don't have to drive all the way home and back to church again yet we get a break from the hussle bussle at church between services. These friends have a nice big old farm-type house and its nice and cozy.

    We place a manger scene under the Christmas Tree and the presents go around the creche keeping Christ at the center. We also hide the pickle in the tree and the first child to find it gets a special prize/gift. That is a german custom.

    Re: What are some of your Christmas traditions?

    We dont have a lot of traditions...

    On Thanksgiving we always put up our tree after dinner...

    Now that I'm older, my Christmas eve traditions have been ruined b/c my fiances family had to intervene and insist we come over on christmas eve...even though we are seeing them on the 29th with the rest of their family for their christmas party. It makes me mad b/c I have lost all my traditional christmas things trying to "merge" with his family...I can't make food, and I can't make egg nog...because his mom makes "better food" we have to go over there. *glares* :o)

    And the last tradition

    a family feud, someone has to fight on christmas lol.

    Re: What are some of your Christmas traditions?

    We do the Santa thing, but our kids understand that is not the focal point.

    When our eldest was two we began baking "happy birthday" Jesus cakes to help illustrate on a level she'd understand that Christmas was not all about toys and gifts.

    That tradition has carried on, she's 14 now

    Re: What are some of your Christmas traditions?

    drink lots of wine, play poker with family members I see only once or twice a year, exchange gift cards:), eat way to much...