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    Labor Day Plans?

    created by Raelo 774 days 22 hours 39 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Labor Day Plans?

    It is raining here in Bellingham. A steady, static rain that is mostly cold long droplets of water. I love the rain but sometimes it can....rain on my parade.

    I have been planning to go camping for almost two weeks now up by Mount Baker which is a really large national park by my city. A ton of beautiful trails and camp sites and I was going to go for this three day weekend we have coming up. I think I am still going despite the rain but it will certainly be more miserable than I hoped.

    I wanted to know what your plans were for this three day weekend! If you are a student and don't have any commitments then maybe it isn't so special but there are still a lot of cool events that happen on three day weekends.

    What are you plans for Labor day weekend? Any festivals, camping, tv shows you plan on binge watching?

    Have a good weekend,

    Re: Labor Day Plans?

    Hello! Nice to meet you Raleo!

    I am so jealous that you are going camping! How fun!

    My labor day has always been the same every year and it has kind of become a tradition. Along with labor day being a day off of work for my whole family...I think it's important that families spend time together! My family is going to the lake and spending some time just NOT thinking about work. This year has been crazy and labor day is really coming around the perfect time!

    I also might binge on a show. I haven't decided yet!

    I hope you have a great labor day weekend! :)


    Re: Labor Day Plans?

    We are not doing anything special. Camping sounds fun but around here every single person goes camping, it seems. We don't like crowded campgrounds so big holidays are out.

    We are just going to enjoy having the time off work and relax.

    Re: Labor Day Plans?


    I am still spending my time with family in Lithuania and during labor day I will be with them. In Lithuania there is no Labor Day, therefore it’s not a holiday. I am having the last week with my family before going back to Los Angeles. Weather is very beautiful these days and it’s a great time to spend it outdoors and do a lot of activities. I have never really celebrated Labor Day before, it’s more about relaxing at home and getting things done rather than actually celebrating.

    September is here and it’s crazy how fast the whole summer passed. I wish everyone to take a good rest this long weekend. For a lot of you the school has probably started, for me it will start on September 28, we all need to learn of how to take it easy sometimes. Relax, rest and enjoy this time as the weather is still warm. The winter is coming pretty soon!

    Have a great Long weekend everyone!


    Re: Labor Day Plans?

    I'm working at Panera Bread and finishing up weekend homework.

    Re: Labor Day Plans?

    Hi Riley,
    This Labor Day I'll be working. I work Sunday night into Monday morning (12 hour shift) and then I'll be sleeping the rest of the day, probably. I also have classes next week, so when I'm not working or sleeping I'll be reading and doing homework n'stuff. I definitely won't be doing anything particularly fun though. No holiday getaway, or anything nice like that. At most...maybe a fast dinner out with my wife for fun. Otherwise, it's order take out or order in and chill, get the work done and put up my feet a bit if I have a moment.


    Re: Labor Day Plans?

    Hello Rylie!!

    I love that this weekend is a long weekend, simply because I get to rest and sleep in a little longer!

    Honesty I don't have any plans as of yet. I really just plan to rest, hand around with my three month old little munchkin and possible do some cleaning and laundry around the house.

    It's funny because before , I would probably have a little getaway planned or something, but now that I am a mom it's a bit difficult to just pick up a bag and go! I can't wait for my little one to be older and then we can plan some nice getaways on long weekends like this one.

    But for now, really I just plan to rest and take care of my little man!

    Have a great weekend! :)

    Re: Labor Day Plans?

    I have to work on Labor day, but I plan on doing some eating and studying. Boring Right I know. Being an adult sucks lol!!!!

    Re: Labor Day Plans?

    Hey Riley!!

    On Saturday my family and I are taking a drive to Sacramento for a day trip. We will spend some time exploring the downtown area and just relaxing for the day. On Labor day, I will probably be going to a barbecue for foreign exchange students and their families. At the barbecue there will be swimming, eating, and something else with horses.

    Other than these two things, I will just be relaxing for the weekend. I haven't started school yet, so the three day weekend doesn't make much difference to me.

    Have an awesome night!


    Re: Labor Day Plans?

    So me and my family go to the camp ground for a labor day celebration. All the campers get together and have a big cook out. We play volleyball or football. do some face painting and keep the little ones occupied until it is time for food.