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    ~Up All Night Long~

    created by Tera Ricshon 778 days 1 hour 2 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    ~Up All Night Long~

    Howdy, Everyone!

    Last night was tough for me. I had to stay up all night doing homework. I was so exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep. However, I had to force myself to stay up and finish my homework!

    Have you ever had to stay up all night long doing homework? How did you manage? Do you have any secrets to the all-nighter to share?

    Thanks for reading everyone! Have a great day!


    Re: ~Up All Night Long~


    I usually never do homework at night. I am just not productive at night. After about 6-7pm I am starting to get tired and do easy going activities. I tried doing homework in the evening, but it always involved mistakes or I was getting too exhausted to study.
    I am very jealous for the students that are able to study no matter of the time! I am the most productive early in the morning. I can study for many hours and my memory is the best at this time.

    If I studied at night, I would probably memorize 70% less. How do you study at night? What keeps you up? Do you drink coffee so that you do not fall asleep?

    I tried many things but they never worked!

    Have a great day!


    Re: ~Up All Night Long~

    Hey, Tera!!

    I'm sorry you had such a night!! I had a few of them last semester...

    That's why I like online classes!! The entire schedule is usually released at the beginning of the semester and you can work at your own pace (for the most part)... I try to tackle a bunch of work early and stay ahead of the game...

    But when I had campus classes, I dragged... I drank coffee to keep me up... That helped sometimes... I would even come home and "nap" for a few hours, then wake up at about 2am, work until 5a, then try to get another hour of sleep before my alarm went off to get ready for my actual job...

    Idk what your work schedule is, of if you work at all, but I think it's beneficial to take a nap at some point... Recharge.. Those nights I would come home and try to get straight on my homework, I wouldn't be able to focus.. I would stare at the homework for a while, only to tune in and realize I'm on the same sentence as I was before!!!

    If you're going to stay up all night, u suggest you do it on a night before you have a late start in the morning... Or no commitments at all... I stayed up all night on Fridays because I knew I had no plans for Saturday... Al weekend, I'd go from homework to napping to eating... The key is to start earlier, so that you can take those breaks when you need them and still it be far behind!!

    Lastly, it helps to think about the homework when you're not doing it.. For example, I had to write a paper for my final in one class... I would think about potential topics and brainstorm the layout while at work... I wouldn't just sit in front of a computer screen.. If go through my day, jotting ideas down as they came to me...

    I hope this helps... You seem like such a bright individual, so I'd hate for you to be caught up by timing!!

    Have a good evening..


    Re: ~Up All Night Long~

    Hey Tera!

    Sorry about your night! I very rarely am forced to work all night on homework, but I've found some things that work for me. The big thing is this playlist I created specifically for late-late nights, full of songs that are captivating but not too fast/distracting. The key with this is to only listen to these songs when you need to to stay awake-- if you listen to them too often, then the stimulating effect they have will wear off!

    I also make sure I'm not too comfortable... if I get too comfy I get sleepy! I'll wear shorts if my room is cold, I'll sit cross-legged in the chair, and above all, I won't wrap a blanket around myself!! Fallen victim to that one too many times :D

    Having a small bowl of candy or finger foods nearby also helps to keep me motivated!

    Hopefully some of those help!

    Re: ~Up All Night Long~

    Hey Tera,

    I think a better question would be who HASNT had to stay up late like this at least once. I hate that things like homework can keep students of all ages up to the wee hours of the morning just to get it all done. It just doesn't seem like GOOD learning and work can be done when the amount of time it takes to finish most homework keeps you up so late!

    I am shocked at the amount that they give young children still. They encourage kids to get as much sleep as possible, and yet the teachers send them home with so much extra stuff to do!

    For staying up, I try to stay away from my bed at all costs and I trained myself to not go into my bed until I was ready. As one teacher said, its better to use the furniture like it is designed for. Stay at your desk, until you are done!

    I also think that it is important to sometimes just go to bed and take care of it tomorrow. Your body really needs the sleep more than you think! Just let it go, go to bed, and wake up a little earlier tomorrow!


    Re: ~Up All Night Long~

    Hey Tera,

    When it comes to doing homework, I usually don't stay up all night to do it, but I do stay up late often! I usually have friends around me when I'm doing it, so I can ask them questions whenever I need to, plus it speeds up the process. I have spent an entire night writing up two lab reports; I've spent an entire night writing a 12 page paper; and I've spent countless nights studying for exams/quizzes. Even though I managed, I didn't manage very well. The next day I was too exhausted and tired to focus on anything.

    Do I have any tips for all-nighters? Try to avoid it. However, if you work and stay focused better during the late night, then go for it. Some people work better in the morning versus night. Drink lots of water. Water can help you stay awake, plus it's good for you! If you do choose to drink coffee, try to drink a good amount of water along with it also.

    Thanks for reading! - Kyle

    Re: ~Up All Night Long~

    Howdy, Everyone!

    @Kristina - I normally don't do homework at night aswell. This time I was just running short on time and had to do it. I can definitely say that staying up so late hindered my ability to work big time. I didn't do as well on my test that night which were probably a result of me staying up so late.

    @MaDonna - I also do online classes. Just this being my senior year the course load has really picked up. I don't drink coffee so all I had was water to try to stay up last night. It was miserable :( I normally don't have many commitments. My only job really is Cnet and college. Yet, I still find it hard to keep up this time around.

    @Aisha - I wish your advice worked for me. I don't really like to listen to music all to much. Every now and again I like to listen to music, but most of the time I don't. I found it funny that above all you won't wrap a blanket around yourself, now that is some good advice. The sleepy monster can creep up at any moment.

    @Mo - It is ridiculous how much they expect children to do in school. I normally will just go to sleep and finish it tomorrow... if it wasn't due like right away. It was just to much work to go to sleep on. Cause if I did then I might of not have finished it all.

    @Kyle - I think in this case abstinence is the best protection! Just don't have all-nighters!!

    Thank you all for the great replies! It was a pleasure reading them!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Re: ~Up All Night Long~

    Hey Tera ;]

    That has been basically me every night for the last 2 weeks. I got a chapter 1 and 2 test tomorrow on Chem and I'm freaking out about it. The more I'm sitting here and studying the more confused I'm getting. I think ima just read over the chapters and call it a night. This is so stressful, my anxieties through the roof the last 2 weeks and i ahvent been sleeping well or eating.

    Thanks for reading~ Struggles are real