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    Do you have any weird or interesting allergies?

    created by seiyuna 823 days 6 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you have any weird or interesting allergies?

    I am allergic to seafood and sunlight. I cannot consume seafood and the smell of it makes me woozy and nauseous. One of my earliest childhood memories is almost fainting at the seafood section of the supermarket!

    I also have extreme photosensitivity and I get sunburned very, very easily, even if the weather is cloudy during the day. I always have to wear sunscreen and cover myself up in long-sleeves and pants if I have to go out for more than an hour. What about you?

    Re: Do you have any weird or interesting allergies?


    When I was younger, my family owned a couple of kittens that lived in our backyard. I loved to play with them, and when I did, I touched them and suck on my thumb right afterwards, to which I would sneeze quite a bit and become allergic to in the process, or so it was so. This continued until my mother, having enough, would put pepper(s) on my thumb to avoid sucking the thumb. It was a win-win situation; I continued to play with the cats, and my allergies did not act up.

    Re: Do you have any weird or interesting allergies?

    Hey Seiyuna!

    I didn't realize I had this allergy until recently....

    I'm allergic to cats. Or more specifically, cat dander.

    It's such a horrible allergy to have since I absolutely adore cats and animals. Sometimes I just ignore the problem and go right ahead to pet my neighbor's cat. I mean, how could you say no to that cute face?? However, it doesn't take long for my allergy symptoms to hit; my nose becomes snuffed and my eyes begin to itch.

    To make matters even worse, I am interested in becoming a veterinarian. *sigh*

    It's totally worth it though. XD