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    Do you party?

    created by celialia 854 days 1 hour 48 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Do you party?

    Hi CNET-ers.

    We are all a pretty bright group with our hearts in the right place, I think, even though Im pretty new in this community. I have seen some really intelligent questions and responses on this site, and also some really fun ones!

    I got to wondering what all of your habits are like when it comes to going out and socializing. I love night life, and on weekends or days off I will definitely venture out and spend time in the city with my friends, at a restaurant or show, a gallery opening, a party, or just hang out on someone`s roof (there are a lot of roof spots to hang out in Philly.) I stay far away from frats and people who seem like they dont have any chill. And if I go out without being at least a little bit productive during the day, I usually feel too anxious to enjoy myself (both a blessing and a curse.)

    What is your night life like? Do you often get out of the house and go out with friends? What do you usually do? Where do you go?
    No judgment, I respect whatever people do to have fun, whether it be going to a rave and dancing or sitting on a couch with ice cream watching Netflix.


    Re: Do you party?


    To be honest, I don't enjoy partying a whole lot anymore. I used to do it a lot in high school and even the beginning of freshman year.

    Now, I feel like I'm over it. Every party is the same every time (I go to a small school). Even my freshman year every weekend the party was at the same persons house.

    I am at the point in my life where sleep and how I feel when I wake up is more important than going out and partying with people I don't want to be friends with anyway.

    This doesn't mean I won't do it every once in a while, but it just isn't often.


    Re: Do you party?


    I really don't party a whole lot. If i do i have to be with a group of friend or I'll feel uncomfortable. I've never been into large crowds so i just prefer hanging out with like at most 10 people.

    Re: Do you party?

    Hello Celia!

    During my Freshman year of college, I went to a few parties because I have never been to one before. Before that, I have never experienced a "college" party before, where it involves loud music, drunk individuals, beer pong, and all that jazz. Therefore, i wanted to see the hype behind college parties. They were very fun when I started going and I met a lot of people from different backgrounds. Heck, I even became pretty good at drinking games, especially beer pong. However, overtime I started going less and less because I started getting jaded with the whole college party.

    Since my Freshman year, I haven't went to a single party because I don't enjoy it anymore. All college parties are the same, where there is loud music, crowded rooms, drunk individuals, completely trashed room, etc. After the fifth party, I started to get bored of them because they weren't meaningful and just a place for people to get plastered and give in to their wild side. Instead of parties, I just do get together with several of my close friends, where we watch movies, play video games, go on bike rides, etc! These are much more fun and I get to hang out with people I actually know!

    Have a great day!

    - Jason

    Re: Do you party?


    I do not enjoy partying honestly, it is a bit tiring. My "night-life" or nightly routine consists of shower, movie or favorite tv series episodes, a good read once in a while, and head for bed. Most of the time, I'm usually arriving from work/school and I'm absolutely exhausted, I cannot muster to do anything.

    Re: Do you party?


    I'm introverted so partying is exhausting to me. I prefer house parties that are small over frat parties. I go to school in Boston, so I've been to a few frat parties and honestly it's just full of disgusting people and men who are trying to pray on you. At house parties, there may still be predators but you are with people who are more like you. You can have conversations because it isn't just a dance party. You meet new people and you can just chill on the couch or in the kitchen if need be.

    I prefer staying in and having girls night in my dorm room over going out any day. I also prefer going to the bar over a party now that I'm 21. I just really don't like the party theme of getting black out drunk, sleeping with random people, and doing it again the next day. That's just not me.


    Re: Do you party?

    I do not party. I've never been to a club before. It's just not my type of setting. I'm a home body but I also like having fun and my type of having fun means trying new foods, traveling, listening to good music, walking around the city, watching Youtube videos and watching a good movie with those around you. I don't like alcohol. I prefer my juice and cranberry. I'm more of a get together, talk and enjoy being in each other's presence.