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    Thoughts on college tuition?

    created by celialia 855 days 18 hours 50 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Thoughts on college tuition?

    What`s your stance on college tuition? Do you think getting an education should be a right? Does paying a university thousands of dollars and going into debt make you angry, or do you believe that it is fair and sensible?
    What would you change about the education system in the us? Do you think it`s more fair in many other countries where taxes are higher but education is free or very cheap?

    I am a duel French/us citizen, and if I went to France I could go to a good school for no more than 200 bucks a semester. Sometimes I wonder why I`m even bothering to stay here and go into debt!


    Re: Thoughts on college tuition?

    Hi Celialia!

    This might make people upset, but I think that college should be a privilege and the cost of college (at least for me) is fine. My tuition is $14,000 a year, which is still a crazy amount but it's doable when it comes to working outside of school. I work two jobs and kick myself in the butt to pay for my tuition without financial aid. I do think that college tuition should be around $10,000-15,000 a year, it's a reasonable price. I think it's crazy that some colleges charge $25,000+ for tuition which is why we have so many college students in debt. I think the government should help out a lot more when it comes to help paying for college tuition through financial aid. It's a tough being a college student, but I don't see anything changing anytime soon, unfortunately.

    Have a goodnight!


    Re: Thoughts on college tuition?


    My mom and I have this debate all the time. It ridiculous because in Europe college is practically free, as you were talking about. Afterwards, some places, the students who graduate are required to do a year of community service in the area of their major. Which keeps the pressure off from finding a job right out of school and ensures that they get more hands on work experience in their field, all while giving back to their countries.

    I go to a private school so my tuition is 50,000 a year, after financial aid I pay out of pocket 7,000 a semester if I can, otherwise I have to take out additional loans. I'm entering my senior year and I believe I have around 45,000 in student loans, which makes me sick just thinking about it. The sad part is, out of all of the schools that I was looking at, the school I am at ended up being the cheapest after financial aid, while being the best college out of all of my options and being in the best location to make myself successful.

    I have done a LOT of work to get my tuition down, I obviously participate on this website. I pour my time and soul into being a Resident Advisor, which comps my room and board expenses. I have a work study on top of that while I'm on campus. I work my ass off during the summer at a waitress job to make as much money as I possibly can to put into my downpayment each august, which is coming up scarily fast this year. I appealed my financial aid package two years ago because it wasn't enough, and my other option was to transfer which would not be easy for me.

    I think it's absolutely ridiculous the prices of college, even state schools are up there in price. Students, instead of focusing on their education is instead stressed out, families are pulled apart over the cost to them. There is also a stigma around "working your way through college" but now practically every student is doing so these days. It's also becoming harder and harder to get a job without high degrees. Plus entry level jobs in your fields are not entry whatsoever, requiring you to have 5+ years of experience!!!! It's so unfair and obviously it isn't doing any good since I know people in their 40s still paying off their student loans.

    Sorry for the long post,

    Re: Thoughts on college tuition?

    College tuition is OC! It's gotta chill out!

    Re: Thoughts on college tuition?


    I do believe that college tuition is off the charts; its pretty high. I do think that getting an education is right, and its also smart; especially in the world we are living in now, its pretty difficult to make it without someone knowing you, or coming from a wealthy background- education is one's only savior. Paying university and inevitably going into debt in order to get an education does not make me angry, but I don't believe that it is fair and sensible.
    I know, for me right now, being in thousands in debt and still in school, I did not have the best grades in secondary or primary school to get scholarships, and even after I graduated, I still did not go after scholarships that could have drastically decreased my expenses.
    If I could change one thing about the education system, obviously, it would be that students wouldn't have to pay for college tuition much like in parts of Europe, but I know that is not realistic. I think in countries in Europe and elsewhere where college is cheaper and taxes are higher, that is system that has been in place for quite some time now, and they have taken measures to set it up that way. I don't think its fair or unfair, because they are "consequences" to such; cheaper college tuition and much higher taxes versus expensive college tuition and moderate taxes, I would not necessarily pick one over the other.