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    What chore do you hate doing?

    created by alexismae2 897 days 17 hours 25 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What chore do you hate doing?

    Hi CNet Family!

    This past weekend I worked at both of my jobs, so naturally when I come home I want to sleep. But of course, I have to do some chores around the house. From vacuuming, to wiping the counters, to DISHES (which I hate). I'm perfectly fine doing anything but dishes...I hate washing or drying plates that had food on them. I get grossed out and then it just ruins my day (being a little dramatic).

    Which chore do you hate doing? Would you pay someone to do that chore?

    Have a good day!!

    Re: What chore do you hate doing?


    I don’t really like to clean the house - especially clean the dust. I used to like doing this before - I would put music on and it would feel like an exercise, but now it changed. Once I start cleaning dust, it is difficult for me to breathe and I start getting rashes on my face and arms. I am probably allergic to some of the dust, and after cleaning I would get a headache. If I didn’t experienced those symptoms, there would be no problem to clean and I would learn to enjoy it but I am just not feeling well after doing this. I would pay for someone to clean that dust!

    I usually enjoy doing house chores. I like to make sure that the whole house is taken care of and nicely clean, but those allergies started to really bother me. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with it?

    Have a nice day!

    Re: What chore do you hate doing?

    I hate doing the dishes and cleaning the bathtub. Both are such tedious tasks that involve sopping wet hands. I'd much rather do laundry all day.

    Re: What chore do you hate doing?

    I hate doing dishes and I hate vacuuming (I can't stand the noise). I don't pay others to do it and i wouldn't I just suck it p and do it.

    Re: What chore do you hate doing?

    If there's one chore I absolutely hate doing, it's taking out the trash. I just hate having to lug around this huge, smelly container that could having bugs running in and out of it every week. When it comes to dishes, vacuuming, and other cleaning things, yes it can be annoying, but honestly I enjoy the satisfaction I get after doing said chores. It makes my house look nice and tidy, and I don't feel like I'm stepping in a dump when I'm walking around my house.

    Re: What chore do you hate doing?

    Girl I totally feel you on that washing dishes issue. Like I would rather clean the whole house than do that, and it mostly discusses me when theirs wet food on the plate my brothers tend to leave there leftovers on it so it gets all nasty and then sink ends up getting fulled with food at the bottom and I have to put my hand down there to get the food out. I would totally pay someone to do that chore for me everyday.

    Have a great day !


    Re: What chore do you hate doing?


    Chores. Hmmm... I would consider changing baby diapers a chore I hate doing. I guess when you have to smell the stinkiest poos in the morning and it's your job to clean up the mess, things like doing dishes and vacuuming are a breeze, lol.

    I actually like doing those in particular (washing dishes and vacuuming) because that is really the only "alone" time I ever get. My siblings know that I'm working so they don't bother me. But if I'm sitting down to watch a movie or on the computer trying to get things done, they climb all over me demanding to play. And what can I say, their cute chubby cheeks and bright smiles always gets to me. Even if I have to stay up until 3 AM to finish that project due at 8 AM.

    But yeah, diapers. Oh, no. I always want to fork over the work, but then I realize how bad it is and don't want someone else to do it so I just gotta stick with it. ;)

    Re: What chore do you hate doing?


    I legit do not like cleaning. I mean, of coarse it makes everything looks nice and stuff, but it's such a hassle. Trying to decide what to keep or throw away, wiping stains, lifting huge furniture out of the way, etc...

    I like the outcome, just don enjoy the process lol.

    Have a Marvelous Monday!!!

    Re: What chore do you hate doing?

    One chore that I hate, well a couple, is washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom. I really hate touching and looking at wet food! As for cleaning the bathroom, I just feel like it takes forever and I hate cleaning the toilet! So those are the two things that I don't like doing haha.

    Have a great day!

    Re: What chore do you hate doing?

    Hi Alexis,

    Last post for the day... Yippie :)

    Like most of you, I dislike the dishes. I have no problem placing them in the sink or dishwasher but I definitely have a problem putting them away. Similarly, I love grocery shopping but I don't like putting the groceries away. Although I dislike those "chores", I don't think I dislike as much to pay someone to do it for me.


    Re: What chore do you hate doing?

    Hi everyone,
    I don't like washing clothes because it means that I have to fold them and put them back on where they belongs. I do not like to clean my car simply because I think my boyfriend should always clean and maintain my car for men lol. I don't like to clean the bathroom but I always clean it because I am a neat freak. Have a good day