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    The plan

    created by *Cassy* 932 days 1 hour 11 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    The plan

    How likely are you to stick to the plan? If you make a to-do list do you accomplish those tasks? What about your life goals? Have you stayed on track or just ended up where you are?

    Re: The plan

    I always make loose plans that have more time allowed than needed. By doing this it allows me to have flexibility with the plans so I can accomplish at least 90% of what I originally intended to do. My life goal is to be a high school drama and history teacher and then travel the world, but world travel will happen only after I have my life in order. I do have a hard time staying on track, but I am where I am because I have worked hard for it.

    Re: The plan

    Hey Cassy!

    I am a meticulous planner, so I am definitely not short on plans. I would say i am pretty good at sticking to them as well. I had a plan to get to where I am now, and that one has worked for me so far. Now that I am starting college, I have devised a new plan to get myself into medical school. I also plan to graduate in 3 years, so my scheduling has to be very precise. Otherwise I might not get all of my classes done in time. So, as of now, I have worked out my class schedule for the next 3 years, planned where I will volunteer, and figured out how I will pay for college. I will definitely follow my plan as closely as possible, because I don't want to risk messing it up.

    The only time I won't stick to a plan is when I have a fun day out. I may start with a plan for the day, but then decide it would be more entertaining to do something else. In this case, it doesn't matter if I abandon the plan. I will still have a great day no matter what I do.

    I hope you find your Wednesday going well!

    Ashley :)

    Re: The plan

    Hey Cassy and everyone else:

    I not only stick to my plan, I am notoriously famous for also having a Plan-B, Plan-C and sometimes a Plan-D, too. I know what I want and I will accomplish it in whatever round-about way I have to travel to get there. This has pretty much become my routine way of life --- always have a Plan-B for everything.

    I always enjoyed the Girl Scouts when I was little. I think this is where it all started. Like the Boy Scouts, we were taught to "always be prepared."

    I've actually had people contact me and say "What's your Plan-B? My Plan-A failed and I don't know where to go from here." LOL

    Yes, I share my news and help them out. That's what friends are for.


    Re: The plan

    Hi Cassy!

    I love a good plan! However, when it comes to sticking to them I am awful at it! Lol, that's why I don't even really attempt to make plans anymore really. I definitely suck at To-do lists. Every time I go shopping I always end up buying things that I did not plan on buying! It never fails. I remember one time I deliberately sat down and wrote out my whole list of things that I needed from the store and told myself that I would not buy anything extra. Low and behold I ended up with three items that I did not need or plan on buying and I actually forgot one item that was actually on my list! How the heck that happened I have no idea! Lol.

    Even when I have plans with friends they always seemed to get cancelled or changed to another time either by them or by me. So, basically I just go with the flow most of the time. I usually end up where I need to be.

    Nice topic!


    Re: The plan

    A message from Catti.

    Hello Cassy. I liked your post on “The Plan”.

    While many people plan on a daily basis to meet their goals, I think that the most important part of a plan is your implementation.

    It is not enough to set a goal. Moreover, it is also not enough to have objectives. Goals and objectives serve in my opinion as a starting point.

    The secret, I was once told by my dad is to begin with the end in mind. In this process you are to set your mind on the end result and then work backwards making sure that you have dotted all the “I’s”, and crossed all of the “T’s”.

    As you endeavor to begin your process you already know what you need, you have already created a timeline in which to facilitate your plan, and you have allotted for the necessary resources and personnel if necessary to put it all together.

    Thanks for your time….. Catti.

    Re: The plan

    Thanks Cassy for this post. "the Plan"! a four letter word with big actions. I have struggle with this word for years now.
    I love some of the postings of those who follow thru with their plans no matter what. However, i can so much so relate to Candice about not following thru when ever plans are made.
    For example, when i make a list to go to the grocery store, i purchase items that i didn't go for or i spent more than i intended to. I've gone as far as going to the store with cash intending to only spend the cash that i have but instead i end up reaching for my debit card.
    I have even struggled in completed my short term and long terms goals because something or someone always makes me digress from my plans.
    Ladies, we need to form a small group called "The Plan"!
    wonderful dialog. let's keep it going.
    bee k

    Re: The plan

    Hi Cassy,
    Yup, I plan things out. I like to have an idea of where I am and where I'm going. I've learned that sometimes you have to let go and adapt to what's in front of you, but for the most part, I want to know what I'm getting myself into. And when it comes to careers, I also plan those things out, to a degree.

    My first degree is in English lit. & creative writing and I thought of becoming a college professor. Then, as I got closer to graduation, I realized that while I was fairly decent at writing, I wasn't passionate about it. I didn't live for it, the way that I lived for music. So, I reverted back to trying to be a musician. And after working on a degree in music composition for about a year, stopped doing that because of injuries to my hands.

    So, I jumped out into the working world and started to work for a couple of different companies. Starting as a temp and then becoming a permanent employee for local government. After almost 5 years of that, I resigned and moved over into sales. I did that for 8 years and now I'm working on a new degree in health care (nursing).

    I had plans...many plans. And they didn't all work out and as a life has taken twists and turns and along the way, I got married and now make choices based not only on myself, but also how it affects my wife and her family. I'm hoping this new career sustains and keeps me focused for the rest of my working life and provides for me in my retirement. I think I have the chance to make it work and in retrospect, probably should have thought about joining the nursing profession sooner, rather than later. But...that's life. There's no rewind button, ya?


    Re: The plan

    I always have lists for everything I need to do (even a reminder to post to College Net). When I complete a task, I highlight it to show that I completed it. I have an agenda I use for school and the summer that I write everything down in including bills, sporting events, and TV shows. So I try to stick to "the plan" as much as possible.

    Re: The plan

    I am very likely to stick to my plan. Unless a lemon gets thrown into the mix I am usually an extremely organized person. When I stray and become disorganized I get a bit stressed out and have to reroute my plans.

    I don't make everyday lists however I do always make a plan when I travel or go camping. I also have my life mapped out on a time line (school, wedding, house, travel, kids) and I would be pretty upset it it fell out of order, but I would learn to roll with the punches like everyone does.

    Re: The plan

    I tend to stick to my plan mostly but sometimes that changes and I just have to flow with it. I was going to finish my BA in August but in order to get more pell grant I decided to slow down a bit and only take two courses a term so I will be finished in February of 2017. I also planned on not buying a car until I was at least finished with my BA but after being in a car accident 4 weeks ago I had to buy a new car.

    Re: The plan

    Hey Cassy,

    I was never good at planning, notably because I was not raised around people making plans ahead for their life. Hence, when you grow up in a pretty unstable house, it can be very difficult to be structured. On the other hand, career wise, I planned to be a nurse at first, I realized that I did not like the amount of studying that had to be done. Then, I moved on wanting to be a computer programmer, well, too much at the time since I am not someone who is into numbers and signs.

    Finally, I decided that I was on the side of being of service to others, so, that is why I am doing mental health counseling. In general now, I am learning how to plan in order to be in synch with myself and others.

    Thank you!