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    Internet Induced Hypochondria

    created by *Cassy* 932 days 8 hours 31 minutes ago

    Category: Science

    Internet Induced Hypochondria

    As the internet grows, so does our access to knowledge. For the medical community, this may not always be preferred. It seems that recently many people have been using the internet to not only diagnose themselves, but to cause a deep set panic that they are dying from something that they have 2/5 similar symptoms to.

    At the same time, access to information can bring others peace of mind. They may be able to identify a rash, confirm that certain symptoms accompany a diagnosis or be able to make a more informed judgement as to when to seek emergency help.

    Some patients can also discuss their health more in depth and with better understanding of treatment options available. Some patients have saved their own lives. Although in some cases, doctors do not like their egos challenged so I believe in a way this can hold them more accountable and put some doctors in check. Rather than doctors practicing like demi-gods, we may get back to a time where they provide CARE for peoples' HEALTH.

    How often do you symptom check? Have you ever approached a healthcare provider with something you have read on the internet?
    Do you think we can create a better platform that may streamline healthcare in the future?

    Personally, I could not have kids without the internet. I would like a site that I couldn't look up things and could only input information. My worse habit is that I start with the worst. My kid gets a rash and I want to search "symptoms for flesh eating virus".

    Re: Internet Induced Hypochondria


    I can relate to this a lot because I have been doing symptom checks all the time either for myself or for someone else. Sometimes I even don’t go to the doctor but look for information online which has a plenty of treatment options and what to expect.

    Often times It can be very confusing, because the symptoms that you may have, may indicate a lot of different diseases. Some of them can even be scary: for example, if your left arm hurts, it may indicate that you are going to have a heart attack, which is one of the symptoms. It can often scare people, thinking that they are very ill, where in reality, it may be nothing serious at all. Each situation is different, and of course, the best thing is to go and make a visit to the doctor, but checking it on the internet is very fast and convenient.

    It has helped me multiple times. I had a rash once from poison ivy and I didn’t know what it was. I found pictures on the internet which was identical to poison ivy rash, and it has given the remedies of how to treat it. I didn’t go to the doctor but used the information that I found online and the rash has healed within days.

    There may be the websites that provides information that is not true as well. You can’t trust the internet 100% because not all information is verified and accurate. It’s important to know which websites you are looking up when searching for info. Also, a lot of them may have different opinions and remedies, but it should not be a replacement with a visit to see a doctor. If you feel a lot of symptoms, seek doctor’s help right away.

    Have a nice day!

    Re: Internet Induced Hypochondria

    I don't symptom check online too often as it does scare me. Literally every illness leads to Cancer on symptom websites. I would rather want to get checked out by a medical professional. Yes, of course, I've tried researching symptoms online. Sometimes it is good to find easy remedies for non-serious illnesses. However, on the other hand it can be terrible, because you can self diagnose your self with something very bad. You will worry and fret over this supposed illness that you have. People should just be careful and try to not believe everything they read on line. Go to a profession who can give you real advice.

    Re: Internet Induced Hypochondria

    Hey Cassy

    I was actually thinking about the effects of Internet last night. I feel like the emergence of Internet has created a 'parallel reality' for us. It's so weird. If we had an opportunity to ask our great grandparents anything about what we are experiences through the Internet world, they would defenitly be mind blown.

    Yes through the Internet we have access to all sorts of knowledge. It's all just one click away.

    I have checked my symptoms online before and I have also chatted about it with my doctor. In this sense it is good what Internet has done.
    However the access to online informations also increased unnecessary stress in people. So I guess there is always positive and negative effects !!!


    Re: Internet Induced Hypochondria

    Hi everyone,
    To tell the truth , I used the internet to diagnose myself a lot too simply because I don' t want to drive to the clinic and waste my time sitting there for hours for the doctor to tell me that I have a fever, I am not eating right or simply need to loose weight. Doctor now days rather prescribe medicines to you than to sit and listen to you. I do understand your point perfectly thou. If a person is not feeling well, they should see a doctor not turn to the internet for advice. Have a good day.