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    Too much or not enough

    created by *Cassy* 931 days 2 hours 29 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Too much or not enough

    Are you someone who prefers too much or not enough. Obviously this is circumstantial (money vs sunshine) but I mean in general.

    For example, my husband's family is the "too much" type. They make too much food, always, they buy extras of things, they give my kids excessive gifts and candy (usually that aren't really personal). I feel like a lot gets wasted or things sit around.

    For me I'm opposite. I get satisfaction from my family finishing all the food on the table. I prefer to go back to the store to buy something if I run out as opposed to having a lot of excess when I'm done. I try to calculate everything so I have just enough and when I buy things for others I try to be thoughtful and aim for quality instead of quantity.

    Whatcha think guys?

    Re: Too much or not enough

    Cool question! It's not something I've thought about consciously until now, but I do think I am a "not enough" person. I think of it in terms of my experience at summer camps and other temporary programs. For example, I just got back from a string orchestra camp. It's only three days-- we get the music on Friday, and preform on Sunday at 2pm. Although I do sometimes wish I had more time to perfect the pieces, I am very glad that it ends before we all get sick of the music (and each other :D )