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    created by *Cassy* 935 days 3 hours 1 minute ago

    Category: Sports


    So who's watching these playoffs?

    Is your team still in? If LeBron and Curry meet up, who are you rooting for?

    If you don't watch basketball, is there a sport you do follow?

    Re: Playoffs


    Real Madrid vs. Barcelona.

    who is better?

    Re: Playoffs

    I'm rooting for Golden State. It made me so sad when they lost their first game to OKC. I thought for sure they were going to win that one since they were in the lead throughout most of the game. Thank goodness they won the second game.

    Re: Playoffs

    Golden State vs Toronto is my hope but I think it will be OKC vs CAVS.

    I really want Curry to play well and I have always rooted for him because he was an underdog coming into the league and is now proving everyone wrong.